charlie sheen getting award3 Charlie Sheen Says Its All Lies

Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Charlie Sheen says that the claims made by estranged wife Brooke Mueller are complete fabrications.

Brooke said ina sworn statement on Tuesday that her estranged husband physically abused and threatened to BEHEAD her, and prevented her from speaking with her sober companion, which led her to fall off the wagon.  As a result of the claims, Charlie’s twin sons were removed from his home Tuesday night.  She also claims he referred to his manager as a racial slur that I can’t repeat on this site!!!!  But Sheen said that the allegations are untrue and accused Brooke of manipulating text messages on his phone.  He told People Magazine, “I would never, ever say that about my dear friend Mark.  (Mueller) is trying to create discord.  I caught her on my phone a year ago texting.  She was trying to cause discord among my immediate family.  I caught her red-handed and she confessed.” Yesterday, he was on the Today Show insinuating his outrageous behavior will escalate because of Brooke’s custody moves:

And his message for his estranged wife, Brooke?

He didn’t seem to upset yesteday.  He spent most of the day tweeting about a “Charlie Dog”, a hot dog that was created in his “honor”!!!!!  Alrightyyyy then….

Audio courtesy of Launch Radio Network


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