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Actor Charlie Sheen has been making news nearly on a daily basis and now the latest news is that he’s been canned from the CBS tv show ‘Two And A Half Men’. Charlie is all about WINNING and so is Pittsburgh, so JR, Bubba, Shelley have decided to give him the invite of a lifetime! They’ve even penned, rather typed an open invite to Charlie to join them in Pittsburgh to celebrate St. Patty’s Day.

Dear Warlock,

This is JR, Bubba and Shelley from Star 100.7 in Pittsburgh.

Now that you have plenty of time on your hands we have a proposition for you. We know how epic you are, and Pittsburgh has the most epic St. Patty’s Day parade in the country so we want you to come and be in the parade with us. Bring the Goddesses and we will bring 100,000 people to watch you! You supply the Sheen…we supply the parade! So, what do you think? Would you mind spending this Saturday in Pittsburgh for the most Tiger Blood St. Patty’s Celebration in the world? Don’t worry we will keep the Trolls away – just Pittsburgher’s! Sounds like fun.

Call us at 412-333-1007 and we will put together all the details. Oh, in case you don’t get this, we will remind you on your Guinness Book of Worlds Record Twitter page! Us and all of Pittsburgh that is!

JR, Bubba and Shelley
Star 100.7 Pittsburgh

Now get out there, hit Charlie’s Twitter page and ask him to join us in Pittsburgh for the St. Patty’s Day Parade. Be sure to link back to this post so Charlie can see our invite! Use #charlieburgh or #stcharliesday when you do!


Comments (9)
  1. Rose Ferraro says:

    I was an avid listener but can’t suppport a tation that supports an abuser. I can’t stand Charlie Sheen He is a scumbag! He beats women, is a drug addict and thinks ugly prostitues and pornstars are godesses. He thinks saying Hi to his kids on the inernet makes him a good dad.He is a giant dillusional troll. Can’t associate him with Pittsburgh that would be awful. It is an insult. He is LOSING BIG TIME!

    1. John D'Amico says:

      We really appreciate the input. We are just having some fun with the whole fiasco. Trust me… his values and actions are in NO WAY aligned with ours. Thanks for listening!

  2. Penny folino says:

    Take a walk on the South Side leave your mark!!!! Many stars have !!!

  3. Carla O'Neill says:

    If his values are not aligned with yours–are you just exploiting a suicidal, drug addled American/Irish guy on St. Pat’s Day–who more than anything needs an intervention and hospitalization? This is sad, sick and tasteless. I am horrified also, that you do this in the name of ALL the people of Pittsburgh.

  4. ADAM COLEMAN says:

    hell yeah, what an awesome ideal. Isay lets do it.bring the CHARLIE CRAZY SHEEN to the burgh. who else would put him on a stage but pittsburgh. look at what we did for BEN ROETHELISBERGER, HELL MAYBE PUT THEM TWO ON THE SAME FLOAT. Im with ya lets do it. And to the lady that called bubba a JACKASS, thats some funny stuff, i busted up laughing when i heard on the radio.IM ADAM COLEMAN AND IM AAAWWWEEEEESSSSOOOOOMMMMME. BOOOM.

  5. Linda says:

    I’ve listened to Bubba since the days of quinn and banana. I can’t believe you want this jerk to come to Pittsburgh. I switch the radio station when I hear this discussion.


    Charlie Sheen
    Was not born a winner, and he was not born a loser. He is what he makes himself to be.

  7. carol says:

    Charlie if you come to the burgh for St Patties Day. come party with the southside. and open invitation is open to you to stay with me. lets do it

  8. Mary Maghes says:

    there is 100% no chance of this actually happening i turn the station off any time it is mentioned. I have a better chance tweeting barack obama to come over my house this weekend and do some spring cleaning

    you have a truly horrible radio station/morning show

    and jorge you are a drunk loser in life

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