gaga Christinas Song Sued & GaGa Sues Ice Cream

By: Francois Durand Getty

[lastfm link_type=””]Christina Aguilera’s [/lastfm]song is in trouble and [lastfm link_type=””]Lady GaGa [/lastfm]is suing an ice creamery in London?  What?

Okay, so [lastfm link_type=””]Christina Aguilera’s [/lastfm]song Ain’t No Other Man is coming under fire from a song from 1968 called “Hippy Skippy Moon Strut”.  Yea..I can’t make that up people..that is the name.  Sony music is all involved now and basically Christina is just sitting back since SHE herself isn’t being sued.  It is all the lyrics/music/royalties/etc.  Stuff I just don’t understand.  Ha!

In other news..[lastfm link_type=””]Lady GaGa [/lastfm]is upset with a central London ice cream stop called the Icecreamists.  They are selling a frozen yogurt breast milk that is called “Baby Gaga.”  That is kinda gross huh?   The company is firing back saying..if GaGa thinks that is gross then why does she perform with fake blood on herself and wear dresses out of meat?

GaGa’s peeps are issuing statements that they will sue and GaGa’s name shouldn’t be exposed with that.  The ice creamery is in the process of trying to get naming rights for their yummy yogurt.  Ugh!

Lawsuits everywhere nowadays!


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