NOW From JR’s Mancave: Watchin’ TV with JR

dscn0753 NOW From JRs Mancave: Watchin TV with JR

For some time now I’ve thought about the amount of television either I watch or we (JR Bubba Shelley) talk about everyday. Then came my epiphany, I have access to many of my favorite TV shows, why not blog it out! So here we go. Be sure each week to check as I share my thoughts about my favorite TV shows, including interviews and links.

tv logo NOW From JRs Mancave: Watchin TV with JR

To start I might as well let you into my wierd TV watching, schedule and shows. I hardly ever watch any live television shows any more, thank you DVR. Sports programming is really the only TV I will watch live, by the way, hate those guys you can’t call when the game is on cause they are taping. Dorks!

Here are some of my favorite shows. Please, your comments are always welcome.

Amazing Race
the BIG Break
Going Tribal
American Idol

Let’s start with Survivor ‘Redemption Island’.
518533811 NOW From JRs Mancave: Watchin TV with JR

One of the few shows my wife, Lisa, and I watch together. New twist this year as contestants go to ‘Redemption Island’ for another challenge before thay are finally kicked out of the game. This year marks the return, return (these guys are always on) Boston Rob and Russell. I had a chance to catch up with the ‘first’player to leave the show this year Francesca.

Love your comments, got some other shows I need to check out? Check back for MORE of JR’s TV Shows on


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