Lots Of Charlie Sheen To Catch Up On Over The Weekend

charlie sheen side glance in suit1 Lots Of Charlie Sheen To Catch Up On Over The Weekend

Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images for PCA

Let’s start with this…TLC is producing a Charlie Sheen documentary.  The Hollywood Reporter revealed that the show will feature video from Charlie’s recent tirades on everyone from Chuck Lorre to Jon Cryer.

The footage will primarily be from NBC, which is co-producing the program.  And here’s the crazy part (like it can get any crazier!!)….MacKenzie Phillips will serve as an “expert commentator” becasue she has first hand knowledge of what it’s like being a celebrity (I’m using the term loosely here)  with a drug problem.  On the Brink is scheduled to air on March 2oth..

TMZ.com is reporting that Brooke Mueller’s mom and dad are looking for a permanent place to live in california so that they can help take care of the her twin boys, Max and Bob.  Charlie and Brooke struck a custody agreement last Thursday and although the terms are confidential, it seems as though Brooke will be needing some extra help to take care of the boys..

There is some good news for our friend Charlie…Seems his upcoming mini tour sold out in 18 minutes.  Here he is promoting it:

Yes…you heard right..

I actually like that phrase…Sheenis Envy…Love it!

After the Detroit and Chicago appearances sold out on Ticketmaster, Charlie tweeted: Fastball…Detroit/Chicago sold out in minutes…Winning!”

Oh, and as for the rumors about John Stamos replacing Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men, apparently, Stamos has no desire to do so:

And one last Charlie note (I swear!!!), he was NOT at his twin boys’ birthday party yesterday.  People magazine reported that Brooke threw Max and Bob a second birthday party at Kathy and Rick Hilton’s Bel Air home.  A source says, it was totally casual and kid friendly..All about Max and Bob.


(Audio courtesy of Delicious Audio)


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