emily and brad1 Bachelor Brad Womack Makes His Choice

It was the season finale of the Bachelor last night Brad Womack FINALLY asked one of the women to marry him!

Considering he left two women standing WITHOUT a proposal the last time he was the Bachelor, picking someone was definitely a big deal for Brad.   Of course all of the anticipation comes in the last half hour of the show when you know two women are arriving in limos and whoever gets out first is NOT the woman who’s chosen.   So, the first limo pulls up and……..we see a woman wearing a black dress…It’s Chantal:

And needless to say, she was devastated:

But, even though she still seemed heart broken on the Bachelor After the Final Rose show, she claims she’s fnally found love:

Waiting for the second limo to pull up,  Brad couldn’t seem to stop smiling.  It was actually very touching.   Then he took his “leap of faith”:

On the After the Final Rose show, Brad said he’d marry Emily in a heartbeat, but there was a bit of a glitch:

Well, she said she’d love to marry him on the Bachelor,  on the After the Final Rose Show,  it was a little different:

But Emily does consider them a couple:

Seems a little shaky to me and I think Brad is way into her, but she’s not as into him…for whatever reason.  Well, three other couples are still going strong.  Not the best track record, but I guess we’ll see!

By the way, The Bachelor has been renewed for a 16th season, set to begin early 2012.  Over 10 million viewers have been tuning into the show every week.

But who’s the new Bachelorette??  It’s Ashley Hebert!  She was the last contestant eliminated before the final two were chosen.  Her season gets underway May 23rd.

(Audio courtesy of Launch Radio Networks and Delicious Audio)

Comments (2)
  1. Mimi says:

    I personally think Brad made a huge mistake. Brad is more into Emily than she in him. I think the relationship is doomed just like all the rest. Chantal is better off without Brad. He’s got issues. Why would a 38 year old man who supposedly is a successful business man be interested in a 24 year old with a child.

  2. Byron Doyle says:

    Two seasons of this bachelor that cannot come to a decision should not ever be allowed on this show again.

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