Another Amazing Episode Of Glee

cast of glee at awards ceremony Another Amazing Episode Of Glee

Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

HUGE night for Glee!

Well, Kurt’s heartbroken when he has to tell everyone their pet canary has died.  He asks the Warblers if he can sing a song to honor him.  They perform Black Bird, and I must say it was flawless.  That led Blaine to take a closer look at his feelings for Kurt.  Turns out, he wants to be with him:

They sing a duet together at regionals.

As New Directions gets ready for regionals, Mr. Shu hands out rhyming dictionaries so they can start writing songs.  Santana sings Trouty Mouth (hilarious by the way) Puck sings Big Ass Heart (also hilarious) and Mercedes wins Hell to the No (which was very cool).

Also during the show, Quinn decides she wants to be Prom Queen and Finn is a shoe in:

Then she has this run in with Rachel:

But in the end, it was all good!

(Audio courtesy of Launch Radio Networks)


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