HOT Button Wednesday: Bullying

starmorningshowlogo copy1 HOT Button Wednesday: Bullying
JR Bubba and Shelley want you to check in for HOT Button Wednesday as the topic is ‘bullying’.

HOT Button Wednesday…if your kid is being bullied, how are you telling them to react?
Comment, or call JR Bubba Shelley 412.333.1007 Wednesday (3-23) at 7:40.


One Comment

  1. JILL says:

    I think that you should defend someone who is being bullied, but that sometimes puts the bulls-eye on your own back.
    As an adult who recently graduated from nursing school, this was happening in my class. A 20 year old female classmate was being bullied by a 40 year old man and when I came to her defense, the attention turned on me. It was a horrible experience and it brought back so many memories of how much I hated high school for that same reason.

    1. jr says:

      Had the same thing happen to me different cicumstances. It’s an ugly side of humanity, somewhat expected in small doses from children, and alarming when seen in adults.

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