My Adventures In Today’s Hail Storm

vid00003 My Adventures In Todays Hail Storm

Hey it’s Bubba.  So I am hanging out at Mullen’s on Carson when the 1st hail storm hit this afternoon.  I grabbed my flip cam and started to record.  After the 1st one stopped I had to go pick up my mom, when the 2nd hail storm hit.  What caused me to grab the flip cam again in my car was because hail hit my windshield so hard it cracked it. That was some crazy stuff!

The first hail storm still inside Mullen’s on Carson

The second hail storm while in traffic in my car on Carson street.

Then the surprise 2 1/2 hours later when I got home!


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  1. Avile says:

    Awesome blog, Thanks for sharing it. 😉

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