hines dwts 2 Hines Ward Impresses The Judges Yet Again

ABC/Adam Taylor

Week two of Dancing with the Stars and our own #86 wowed the judges and the crowd again!!

Of course, we had to wait until the end to watch our favorite Dancing with the Stars contestant, but it was worth it!  He was amazing yet again!  Judges thought he was smooth and made it look so easy.  Bruno thought the chemistry with his dance partner, Kim, was great:

Carrie Anne said he had ease, grace and control and said she loved it.  Len said his frame was terrific and he was very impressed.  He had a total of 44 points out of 60 for the two weeks and is in second by one point.   Way to go Hines!!!!

The dancer with the highest score last week, Ralph Macchio, wasn’t quite as spectacular this week.  I think the judges are a little tougher on those who can actually dance and they try to push them.  This is what Len had to say about the Karate Kid this week:

But he’s still the leader with 45 out of 60 points.

Kirstie Alley, who was in the top three last week,  is at number three this week with 43 out of 60 points.  She had a tough dance and was breathing pretty hard at the end!

She’s so funny too.  She was backstage talking about how much weight she still wanted to lose.  Max told her it could be 20 pounds…Here was her response:

As for the rest…Poor Mike Catherwood.  Problem is, he’s funny and cute.  Just wish he could dance!

He is in last with 30 out of 60.  Guessing he might be going home.

Sugar Ray Leonard is also in jeopardy.  He has a total of 34 out of 60.  They’re just not into his dancing at all.

Chelsea Kane is adorable but her routine was filled with crazy moves and Carrie Ann was NOT happy with the choice of choreography this week.  She has 39 out of 60 points going into tonight’s elimination round.

Chris Jericho improved over last week.  He’s tied for 4th with 42 points out of 60. 

Petra Nemcova is just very tall.  They’re still not a fan of hers:

Kendra still having a tough time because she’s trying hard not to be such a tom boy and it’s showing on the dance floor and so were her boobs!!!

Wendy Williams was back and complaining that she didn’t want her boobs bouncing everywhere during the dance!  But she did improve this week:

She’s down near the bottom too with 31 out of 60 points.

She has 37 out 60 points..

Lil Romeo did the Quickstep and is showing improvement as well.  He’s tied for fourth with 42 out of 60 points. 

The first elimination is tonight!  Did YOU vote???

Vote 86

(Audio courtesy of Launch Radio Networks/Delicious Audio)


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