shelleyfools April Fools 2011

This year we made a concerted effort to NOT do any April Fool’s jokes on you our listeners.  Instead we tried to Tosh.0 it and do practical jokes on others….video them and play the audio on the air, and post the videos here.  Although I (Bubba) owe Shelley, so I have a big one that is going to get her sometime today. If it happens while we are on the air I will video it and  post it too.  (sssshhhhh….don’t tell her!)

Bubba is the operting partner of both Mullen’s in Pittsburgh.  His manager Stephen has gotten him on April Fool’s the past two years.  And got him bad….So…..I got him back…very uncomfortable to watch….but he deserved it.  Oh and by the way…Stephen is as honest as the come…so it is so out of place.

I had to pull the video down for a minute while I edit out the swear word!

Bubba is scared to death of all rodents.  This bit is getting VERY OLD….to me (Bubba). Damn them all!

J.R.’s wife Lisa hates bugs and is alway’s giving him grief about putting his windows up when he parks in the garage. She has this crazy idea that if the windows are down that the car will fill with bugs.  So…J.R. proved her crazy….I mean right!


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