damon Biggest & Hottest Hollywood Pranksters

By: Jason Merritt Getty

Matt Damon joins two other Hollywood hotties as the biggest pranksters.  I bet for April Fool’s day they are in full effect planning pranks.  Read who they are and what they’ve done!

Matt Damon has had many pranks with his good friends on sets of movies.  Damon was at the Venice Film festival and called one of his best friends out to the reporters.  He told the reporters that George Clooney was dating a man and that they were about to get married.  The reporter bought the story and almost printed it!

pitt Biggest & Hottest Hollywood Pranksters

By: Jason Merritt Getty

Brad Pitt is jokester number two.  Funny that he and Matt Damon are such good friends.  So, Brad Pitt one year was in Mexico celebrating at a restaurant at this fancy resort.  He was with “Fight Club” director David Fincher.  He asked the Mexican government to cut the electric at midnight and come in like a swat team and arrest one of his good friends at the dinner for drug charges!  HORRIBLE!!  Funny..but..so bad Brad!

The big prankster number three is George Clooney.  Everyone on any movie set in ANY interview on TV or magazine says that he is the BIGGEST April Fool’s day prankster..year round!!

clooney1 Biggest & Hottest Hollywood Pranksters

By: Michael Loccisano Getty

On the Ocean’s 12 set in 2004 with friends Brad Pitt and Matt Damon he decided to get bumper stickers made and he put on Brad Pitt’s car bumper “Small penis on board.”  Brad ended up driving in LA with this on for almost 2 weeks and didn’t know.  He would get waves and smiles and horns honking and had NO idea!  That is priceless.

Love all three of these hotties, but I guess you need to watch your back whenever you are near them.  That, of course, won’t ever happen for me…I’ll never meet them!  HA!

Read more about them from where I got the story at MTV here!

Happy April Fool’s!


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