Man Get’s Tazed At PNC Park!

pncparkyoutube1 Man Gets Tazed At PNC Park!


The buzz around Pittsburgh is the video from Saturday night at PNC park when a man was tazed by police and hit with an asp.  Over 75,000 hits on You Tube in less then 18 hours.  We talked about it this morning and spoke to a former Police officer who told us two things.

1. the clicking sound you hear is the Tazer NOT WORKING!  Apparently both probes were not attached that is why it did not work and take the man down.

2. The reason the police officer hit the man in the neck, shoulder, head area is because there is a pressure point there that if hit will take the suspect down.



Tell us what you think.  Were you there?  Leave  your comments here!


One Comment

  1. Derek says:

    The Police Officer used deadly force when he struck the man in the neck and head. There was no justification in that use. There was no imminent threat of death or serious bodily harm to the officer or any other person. This violates any use of force matrix I have ever seen. Also, I have never heard of head or neck strikes being taught as the correct way to use a baton.

  2. Sage says:

    Why do the police now use a taser as the first option? This guy obviously needed to be removed from the park, but police seem to think it’s their job to punish instead of apprehend. If to officers can’t arrest the guy without the baton headshots and kneeshots, which aren’t places to strike anyway, maybe law enforcement isn’t their best vocation.

  3. joey says:

    these ppl that didnt see EVERYTHING THS ASS DID AND SAID before the cam,should keep there mouths shut..and as far as that guy,i hope he gets @#$% in jail!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Doug says:

    I was in that section when the incident occurred, and I did not see what precipitated the event, but there were many younger fans there (I’m in my early 40’s) and there was a bit of a “mob mentality” going on, with fans chanting “USA, USA” with absolutley no understanding why they were doing it. I asked a few of them, and they just said “everybody else is doing it”.
    It was definitely a challenging environment for the local constabulary, and I can easily see how a Taser was brought into play in order to both bring the gentleman into compliance, (who had already demonstrated his propensity towards violent behavior by striking the usher) and to quickly remove the catalyst from what was shaping up to be violent situation on a much larger scale. Most importantly, I ask everyone who was there chanting and feeding on the group unrest to ask themselves if they wanted to be the victim of what might have happened if the viiolence spilled into the chanting crowd, something that seemed to me a realistic possibility, and I was no more than 15 feet from much of the activity.

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