Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

After Pia Toscano’s shocking elimination from American Idol two weeks ago, executive producer Nigel Lythgoe hinted at some changes in the way contestants are eliminated…

Lythgoe says they are thinking about changing the rules next season to give the judges the final say in who exits the show.  And now, another executive producer, Ken Warwick, seems to be backing that.  Yesterday, he said “The texting, tweeting, the social glue we strive for…we were aware voting would be skewed.  Young girls  and mothers are a driving force  in the voting.  So how can we keep it fair?”  He says they won’t do anything new this year but there are many ideas on the table for next year…

  1. Pam says:

    I think Idol is crazy to change the voting process. It is the obessive power voters that buy the Idol Tour concert tickets and records. By taking the power away from the people you take away their obession with the show and thus the sales. Who cares if Pia was voted off? She can still be signed by the Idol machine and if she is as good as they claim, will make them big bucks.

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