‘NSync On The Replay Lunch Today

nsync1 NSync On The Replay Lunch Today

By: Kevin Winter Getty Images Entertainment

‘[lastfm link_type=””]NSync[/lastfm] will be on the Replay Lunch today 12-1pm on Star 100.7!  We know that the [lastfm link_type=””]Backstreet Boys [/lastfm]and New Kids On The Block ([lastfm link_type=””]NKOTBSB)[/lastfm]are touring this summer.  Do you think ‘[lastfm link_type=””]NSync[/lastfm] will ever get back together?

So, the two songs on the Replay Lunch today will be…..

naw..I’m not telling.  You just have to listen.  Yep, I’m giving you TWO ‘[lastfm link_type=””]NSync[/lastfm] songs today!

With [lastfm link_type=””]Justin Timberlake’s [/lastfm]solo career success and movie career success I see a reunion between these boys to not happen anytime soon.

They started their group career in 1995 and have won numerous awards and in 2002 they announced their temporary musical hiatus.  They haven’t recorded anything since then.  Their website shut down officially in 2006 and member Lance Be


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