americanidol James Durbin From American Idol Talks Smack On Adam Lambert

[photogallerylink id=36836 align=left]Bubba and Melanie are at the season finale of American Idol in Los Angeles.  James Durbin, who many people thought was going to win this thing stopped by.  People have compared him to [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Adam Lambert[/lastfm], don’t think after listening to this interview James really likes that comparison.

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  1. Zander says:

    James’ is clueless. Adam always said he was going to mix rock with pop on his debut album and that is what he did! James’ didn’t do ‘just’ heavy metal on Idol, so he’s lookin’ like a fool. In the beginning of the season James was the one who compared himself to Adam, so he only has himself to blame for the constant comparisons. Good Luck James 🙂

    1. Julie says:

      It seems the only way James can get ANY attention is by mentioning ADAM…lol Maybe James is just hurt because both him and Adam tried out for season 8..James didnt make it..Adam went on to finals.

    2. evelyn says:

      It looks like some of you damn Glamberts have pissed James off again. I thought Claymates were bad, but certain Glambert sparkle cows are the nastiest subhumans EVER! Adam, get a rein on your bitches!

      1. lakeview says:

        Subhumans eh? Wow, so classy.

      2. theloneranger says:

        poor Evelyn..don’t have a clue AYE…

      3. takeiteasy says:

        Sorry you’re so full of hate evelyn. I just take this to mean you’re giving Claymates a rest.

  2. allie says:

    James,buy some awareness please. Don’t diss other people
    when you haven’t recorded anything. I don’t want to be sorry I voted for you.

  3. BZ says:

    Noting the caption under the photo above… well, I doubt that Adam likes the comparison either!

  4. milton says:

    James isn’t wrong. He’s stating the facts. Lambert was (and is) a pussy for putting on this tough guy- rocker persona while on the show, then he comes off it and plays it safe. He is all talk and no action. James ain’t like that, thank god.

    1. shawna says:

      Ummm…I only remember one “tough guy” persona during Whole Lotta Love…and maybe Born to be Wild…but dude everything thing else he did was nowhere near tough guy…

      James needs to learn to edit himself better…he has no class. No one was comparing him to Adam until HE HIMSELF started it.

      1. milton says:

        He needs to edit himself better? Really? Perhaps you could have some sympathy for his condition. Young people with neuropsychiatric disorders tend to have some difficulty expressing themselves at times. Ignorant people are the ones who have no class.

      2. Melissa says:

        LOL not sure how “tough guy” Born To Be Wild was when he started it off by awesomely skipping to the front of the stage in his shiny patent converse high tops. One of the best things about Adam (besides his incredible voice) is that although he was serious about the music, he never took HIMSELF seriously at all. James has a great voice, but he legit needs to take the stick out of his ass or something, he sounds like a douche.

    2. Maggie says:

      Quoting someone who said it best…”Whataya Want from Me” became an international hit and has sold over 2 million copies worldwide. If he had gone the ’70s-’80s rock route, then he would not have achieved commercial success. I hope Adam just ignores Durbin. Haters crave to see a war between Adam and James.” Lisab

    3. Zander says:

      lolol Adam Lambert plays it safe? That is the first I ever heard that before! Tell that to ABC and the AMA’s. His album cover was definitely not safe! Safe would be to do soft rock and covers.

      1. blissrene says:

        “Safe would be to do soft rock”

        But, isn’t that the direction Lambert says he’s going in next? I don’t follow him, but some of his fans are saying that he’s changing his sound to a style that isn’t over the top.

      2. Dirk says:

        Safe is Adam doing sissy dance songs to get on pop radio instead of recording Rock songs if you’re going to call yourself a rock star.

      3. Julie says:

        Also Adam playing it safe?? Really?? How safe is it on ones career to openly admit to being gay? Is that playing it safe too? I dont think so. Adam was straight forward about his sexuality and I love him and respect him for having the courage to be proud of who he is.

      4. lakeview says:

        Dirk, where did Adam call himself a rockstar? And what’s “sissy” about a dance song? What good is an artist who isn’t played on the radio? No one knows about his music and his records don’t sell. You’re not making much sense, dude, in your efforts to diss Adam.

    4. Julie says:

      Adam plays it safe?? LOL Obviously you have not seen him in concert. Then there was the AMA performance.Even though he admitted to getting carried away on the AMA’s and keeping the wilder side for concerts..he IS one to take chances! Adam knows when to keep it tame but THANK GOD he also knows when to let loose.

      1. blissrene says:

        I didn’t know giving a shitty performance counted as taking creative chances.

    5. adamaniac85 says:

      Pple should check their facts. Adam ALWAYS said his album would be a mix of many styles of music and it is. If you go back and rewatch his Idol performances you will see that most of what he sang on the show is NOT rock music. He also said that he wanted his music on the radio, so therefor he would not be albe to put out an album full of rock music. He has always said that he loves rock music from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s but that most of what he listens to on his Ipod today is pop music. If you attend one of his concerts (I went to 10) then you would know that his LIVE shows have a very heavy rock element to them.

    6. Lydia says:

      I dont give a crap what ever James says about Adam Lambert his opinion means nothing but why on earth does he think of himself as the savior of metal?? he makes it sound like its dead and he’s bringing it back, Im sure the groups out there now will be happy to hear JD is saving them LOL

    7. raepat says:

      Which is obviously why ADAM got invited to play at a heavy rock concert in Russia!! And for your info Durbin..Adam can sing anything and his album has it ALL..rock, pop electro..Adam isn’t a ROCK guy…he is a Performer who performs what the song requires..pop, rock, jazz..whatev!

  5. Dave says:

    My biggest complaint is if he’s tired of everyone comparing him to Adam…WHY DOES HE KEEP DOING IT HIMSELF? There was absolutly no mention of Adam during this interview until HE brought it up! Dumb move Durbin. Let’s just wait and see where your career goes from here.

    1. milton says:

      He has NOT been comparing himself to Adam. Maybe he has slipped his name here and there, but he has never made any direct comparisons. In fact, when asked by reporters about Adam…he is quick to point out that they are DIFFERENT artists.

      1. Maggie says:

        Bringing Adam up and pointing out that they are different is the very definition of comparing. Duh!

      2. case says:

        James pointing out that he and Adam are different serves to save both of them from being compared.

      3. Ret says:

        But James does not need to say anything to keep from being compared to Adam. Adam made a name for himself. Jame is only talked about because of Adam. He knows nothing about music if he thinks Adam’s concerts and album are electornica. What a fool. If he thinks he is better than Adam, prove it with the sales and concerts. OH, I forgot. He hasn’t even been signed yet.

      4. queenrosered says:

        Oh FOR GOD’S SAKES, Milton! Stop drinking the Koolaid! Almost TWO years ago, James was bragging on Youtube (in the comments section) about HIS version of “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” with his band and at the point when he (unnecessarily!) screeches, he tells people to notice “the high note! I bet Adam Lambert can’t reach that” etc…And he continues to brag AND complain that he didn’t pass HIS first audition, as Adam did “because they already had someone like me” (as IF he could ever be half as great!) He does NOT have the range, control, or technique Adam has.And he is NOT “easy on the eyes” like Adam!
        Then, while ON Idol, he used the “tail” that Adam brought out in 1 of his rock performances AND he copied Adam’s dance moves as often as possible, etc..When Adam was ON the show and went to reach to shake Durbin’s hand, that wasn’t enough for Durbin…he had to walk down and stand next to Adam and got his photo taken with him.James is a phony, wannabe.Adam was always gracious and pitch-perfect. James was vocally inconsistent and arrogant.
        Bottom line, he is fooling ONLY himself if he thinks he has the talent, chops OR savvy to sing “whatever” he wants. The music Biz doesn’t work that way. Adam knows it, knew it before he auditioned. James will be eaten alive.
        And all the whining and crying about “but he has Aspergers and Tourette Syndrome, blah, blah” doesn’t give him a FREE PASS! The REAL WORLD is cold, hard and cruel, full of rejections.REJECTION..something James, with his attitude of entitlement will NOT weather well. That’s the facts, Jack!

      5. Elisia says:

        Am, yes he die, he actually started it before top 12

      6. adamsluvjnes says:

        @milton – You say that James never compared himself to Adam??!!! He just did in this interview that you are commenting on. Duhhhhh!!!

  6. Jackie says:

    Wow James….get a clue!!!!! Keep that twitchy mourth shut about anyone else but yourself!!!! Adam sang all kinds of genres when he was on AI…I guess your memory doesn’t work all that well either. And , if you had really listened to his cd, it also had lots of different sounds on it…electro/pop only..NOPE! You have got a rude awakening in the future! I’d wish ya luck but you seem to have all the answers!

    1. case says:

      Wow. How hateful and insulting can one get?

      1. lakeview says:

        No more hateful and insulting than James was about Adam.

      2. case says:

        What little James has said about Adam is absolutely nothing compared to what the “Jackie” said about James. Making light of someone’s disability? That is wrong. And sickening.

  7. Letta says:

    James is a crying and whinning pussy. Adam did not go on the show to make it easy for James. Adam did pop, pop-rock, and rock on the show. His album and his concerts are pop, pop-rock, and rock. James does not know what the hell he is talking about. And as for Adam losing fans, well sold out concerts in the US and Internationally. James will be luck if he gets Lee Dewayze type numbers. Poser. Heavy Metal dude standing on stage crying like a frekin girl cause they voted him Off. Haley showed more balls than this faux copycat rocker.

    1. case says:

      I really don’t understand the hostility from Adam fans here. I listened to the clip provided, and James was nothing but honest and respectful. I’m very sorry that some of you aren’t willing to exhibit the same kind of respect for him.

      1. genome38 says:

        It is not respectful to say that someone “threw it all away,” implying that Adam made promises and didn’t keep them. Not true at all, nor was he paving the way for anyone other than his own hope for a career as a recording artist.

      2. Zander says:

        Almost every comment has been respectful except a couple, which I agree were not at all. But I disagree James’s is just being “honest”. He’s telling his opinion which is not based on facts. Maybe Randy Jackson got in his ear on their trip to NY. Some of the things he’s saying sound like the stuff Randy said in an interview to Jim C., with James’ rude interpretation added. Randy wanted Adam to do a total rock album which Adam (and his label) never had an intention of doing. I still say good luck to James bcuz he does have talent!

      3. ZZ says:

        Case, that’s what Lambert’s fans do, they trash talk EVERYONE who disses their glittery god of a-holery. When Lambert cuts people down and disses someone, his fans say “Oh, that’s just Adam being Adam, he’s so honest”, but when someone cuts down Adam or TELLS THE TRUTH about the fool, they get their granny panties all wadded up in their dried up old cooters and throw hissy fits.

      4. Lock says:

        No, James talked in a derogatory way. He lost my respect a while back. Dude is full of himself and lost his ground. Adam is a classy and was just giving his honest personal opinion. James just can’t take any constructive advice cuz all he heard were overrated praises. These three judges have made him believe he is the best out there. Wake up, James! You are NOT! Your notes need a lot of training. Learn how to control your voice!

      5. yeahwhateva says:

        lol ZZ. I would have said it with a little more tact but I do agree with you.

        Lock, what is your definiton of classy? Is it beating off on stage or telling fans they are sweaty and smelly and give bad gifts. And then denying it even though there was audio of him saying it. Or is it downing another performer who never said anything about him and sold more cd’s than Adam could ever hope to sell? Is it classy to start a critique by stating you’re over the person whose performances you’re about to discuss?

    2. Ret says:

      Let James speak for himself and stop trying to get Adam out of the way. He does not get to tell Adam that he cannot rock when he wants. Adam will sing what he wants whenever he wanta. James should STFU until he actually has a career. Adam is playing at a rock festival in Russia next week. They did not invite Mr. Heavy Metal to play. Yes there will be a few metal bands playing at the festival but none called Jame Durbin.

      1. Julie says:

        You are 100 percent correct ADAM is doing a rock festival . The concert is on saturday in Russia. Cant wait for vids of Adam rocking it!

      2. mel says:

        “Is it beating off on stage or telling fans they are sweaty and smelly and give bad gifts. And then denying it even though there was audio of him saying it.”

        That is exactly what I was thinking. How about the concert where he made all the women stand aside so the 2 gay guys could approach the stage. He is a disrespectful ass! He doesn’t dserve the adoration that he receives because he sure as hell does not appreciate it!

      3. Katelyn says:

        We love that about him…he did stuff like that at many of his concerts…we couldn’t get enough of it.

      4. Katelyn says:

        And as for Adam appreciating his fans, if you followed him on Twitter, he is quite vocal about thanking his fans. Read up on you facts…you know nothing.

    3. Leigh says:

      So funny . . . .

    4. queenrosered says:

      AMEN LETTA! High Five!! Exactly! James does NOT have any “star quality” as much as he wants it! It ain’t there! Period. He needs to shut his face.Adam does NOT need to be “labeled” or boxed in because he can sing ANY genre! ;D

  8. genome38 says:

    “Threw it all away”? Adam NEVER said he was a “tough” rocker, it was Randy & Kara pushing that. He did some rock on the show to mix it up. His album is not “electronica,” lolol – it’s a mix of pop/glam rock. And his live performances are much more rockish. Good luck James living up to what comes out of your mouth….You only sang one metal song from Judas Priest on the show…the rest was not metal at all.

  9. Leigh says:

    Hmmmm, I’ve seen Adam in concert, and he rocks pretty hard. I’m not going to listen to the interview–I have no interest in listening to James diss Adam. Just gonna wish the guy good luck; we’ll see where he is in a year.

  10. Lissy says:

    LOL James compared himself to Adam was all the way back during Hollywood Week after he got some criticism from the judges, and said “I’ve started my journey throwin my screams in just like Adam Lambert.” Dude made his bed, so complaining about the comparisons now is a little silly.

    And LOL forever at this myth that Adam betrayed his rock performances in Idol with his debut album. Sure Adam sang Zeppelin and Steppenwolf on Idol, but he also sang Cher, Michael Jackson, Wild Cherry and Tears for Fears. From his first post Idol interview Adam said the same thing about his ideas for his debut album, a meld of pop, electro and rock. Heck he went into his first meeting with RCA with an actual album mission statement. James is a talented guy, and I wish him well, but he’s talking out of his ass when it comes to Adam.

    1. Marja says:

      You are so right,I am from Holland and cannot express meself so good in english.But you say it all.I have met Adam and I have bin to 2 concerts ,one in Amsterdam and one in Cologne the best days of my live.
      And I am not so young any more.Married and two great kids,but a LOVE Adam from the first time iI saw hem on A.I
      Big hug from Holland for all the Glamberts over the world.

      1. queenrosered says:

        Thank you dearest Marja! You explained your feelings very well! Adam is not just a “singer” or artist. He is an experience! One none of us is ever likely to forget! Big Hug to all the Glamberts in Holland and around the world as well! xoxoxoxoxox!

  11. Jodie says:

    James needs to buy a damn clue. If Adam had done a rock album, he would have gotten NO airplay. Rock radio would NOT have played him. Rock radio will not play former Idols (and Adam being gay is no help, either). Neither Chris Daughtry nor David Cook have been able to make inroads with rock radio – their stuff is HAC/pop. James is delusional if he thinks he’ll be any different. Unless he isn’t signed by 19 and Interscope, he will be putting out a HAC album. Guaranteed. Jimmy Iovine pretty much told him as much. And James, Adam did not make a “techno” album – not that I believe you’ve even listened to it. It’s a mixture of genres. And Adam’s live performances are more rock-oriented than the album cuts are.

  12. Marja says:

    Stuppid to talk about Adam this way,he is so amazing.
    James is a differend artist.Dont pic on other artist that have a world tour and a Grammy nominatie.

  13. queenrosered says:

    Zander called it CORRECTLY! It was always James who originally made the comparisons, even BEFORE he finally made it onto the Idol stage (after his second attempt) And, if he doesn’t record what SELLS, he will rapidly SINK. Adam records pop/rock but LIVE, he totally ROCKS! He is very savvy, unlike Durbin.Plus, NO ONE ALIVE has the vocal talent and versatility of Lambert.

    1. blissrene says:

      Too bad Lambert doesn’t have the stage presence.

      1. Kodin says:

        # I can’t even.

      2. Beverly says:

        You ARE kidding right???? That’ exactly what he has and more talent than he will ever need to use to make it to the top!! Good luck James, with your mouth you’re going to need it! Open wide insert foot!! Remember Executives in the business & fellow entertainers have an awful lot of admiration for Adam!

      3. queenrosered says:

        Too bad you don’t have a clue.

    2. Dirk says:

      This is what you get from asshole Glamberts. —> NO ONE ALIVE has the vocal talent and versatility of Lambert.<—. No wonder everyone hates them. Lambert isn't even that good.

      1. Melanie says:

        I’m a singer myself (classically trained) and I’ve seen Adam live in concert. You can say about him what you want, but this guy manages to hit every note he wants to.. His vocals were immacculate and his stage presence was amazing.. I didn’t even realize that there were dancer on the stage. And not every GLAMBERT is disrespectful… I don’t say Adam hasn’t made some mistakes in the past.. So what, he’s a human being… BTW your language isn’t that repectful either…

  14. Amber says:

    Oh boy, here come the rabid glamberts. You guys know that James has no filter. I personally find his honesty refreshing, even if it is neurologically based. If he feels Adam was sort of a poser, well that is his opinion and he is not alone in that feeling. Adam himself said they wanted rock, so I played a rocker. At least he didn’t say he was “over Adam”. How mean-spirted of
    Adam to pick on a newbie by saying he was “over James”. Now THAT was tacky.

    1. blissrene says:

      “Adam to pick on a newbie by saying he was “over James”. Now THAT was tacky.”

      Oh, how quickly Glamberts forget. Or rather, choose to forget.

      1. nonne says:

        Is James Durbin some scared cow that no one can critize or not like? Whoever made the rule that you couldn’t critize a “newbie”? In that case none of the audience, judges, mentors etc., are allowed to comment either? Are you kidding me – grow up! Where was this rule when Clay Aikens said Adam’s singing made his ears bleed? Now there is a nasty comment. OBTW, for the hundreth time Adam didn’t pick on Durbin. The media asked for his opinion on the contestants. None of the others complained.

    2. Zander says:

      I think he meant he was “over” the comparisons, which everyone is by now! Time to move on, there is room for different kinds of artists. Adam also said about James “I think he’s got talent and passion 100 percent” the media made it into some scathing critique that was just not there.

      1. Amber says:

        No, I read the tweets. You didn’t need to have the media make them into something scathing. It was uncalled for, if he is the big international “superstah” so claimed, to pick on James, which he did. Find it hard to believe he was threatened, but it sounded like it. James wants to be true to himself, good for him. May he hold onto those ideals for as long as possible in the music business.

    3. nonne says:

      So, James honesty is refreshing, but Adam’s isn’t. How hypocritical can you get.

      1. yeahwhateva says:

        So Adam’s honesty is refreshing but James’ isn’t. How hypocritical can you get? (I’m using the collective you.)

    4. AC says:

      The poser is the guy who calls himself metal because he sang one metal song. What a silly delusionaly kid.

  15. nonne says:

    James Durbin is so full of it. Saying he is heavy metal and will be true to himself and the fan base he generated. Like stated before he did one metal song on Idol. James can make any kind of statement about Adam Lambert he wants a long as its true. Adam’s album is not just electronic/pop. It has several rock songs and at his concerts he rocks them full blown. Adam can twist any song around any way he wants and sing it – he proved it on Idol and he proved it on his tour. He basically has three different versions of his songs out, i.e., the original FYE album, the acoustical EP, and the Glam Nation DVD/CD. Adam sings live, doesn’t lip sync and his vocals are spot on 99% of the time. At this point James is nothing more than a heavy metl wannabe. There are alot of heavy metal rockers out there and I doubt that James has anything new to show them.

  16. melanie says:

    Lol. James will be lucky if anyone signs him. There’s no way the Metal community will accept him coming from Idol. James, you compared yourself to Adam in Hollywood, please stop your lying.

    1. blissrene says:

      Nope, he said that viewers were probably expecting him to sing high notes in every song like Adam used to. That isnt same as comparing or saying stuff like “I sing better than he does”.

      But keep trying to put other contestants down to make your favorite look better. It’s actually pretty damn hilarious…..

      1. Amber says:


      2. melanie says:

        No, Thats not what he said. His exact words were ‘I threw in the high notes just like Adam Lambert”.

      3. blissrene says:

        “‘I threw in the high notes just like Adam Lambert”.”
        Well then…..James is simply saying that he and Adam both sing high notes. There is nothing indicating that he sings high notes better than Adam.

        Try again.

      4. jg says:

        Hah no. He was mystified as to why he was getting criticism when he felt he was doing exactly what Adam Lambert was praised for. Which shows that he had zero understanding that what Adam Lambert did was more than just hitting a few high notes.

        James is a talented guy who can stand on his own, not sure why he feels he needs keep this media generated feud going.

    2. Metal Glambert says:

      Haha… tell that to Zakk Wylde and Mike Portnoy…I think they’d know more about Metal than you… tell that to Chris Jericho, Paul Gargano and Eddie Trunk, who are Heavy Metal experts.

      James will do just fine in the Heavy Metal community. He has a lot of people backing him. He had every freaking right to say what he did just as Adam expressed his opinions.

      1. lakeview says:

        Sure, he can say it. But he’ll also have to take the consequences of saying it, which is he’s losing fans pretty fast.

  17. Satchvai says:

    James, Carole King is not Metal. And Haley schooled you on how to exit an elimination night. Wuss.

  18. ZZ says:

    Adam Lamber is a pissy queen who opens his big mouth so much that I think he and his insane grandmother fans actually believe the crap that spews out of his mouth. Lambert jumped the shark straight out of the gate with that hideous AMA performance, and he quickly has been going down hill ever since. A foul, drunken drug addict dressed in his older sister’s clothes. PUKE.

    1. Joey says:

      “a pissy queen”

      “A foul, drunken drug addict dressed in his older sister’s clothes”

      nice. stay classy dude.

      1. ZZ says:

        Hey, I’m just telling the truth, just like Lambert does. From what I understand, he’s a borderline alcoholic and a more than “casual” drug user. Plus he has hideous fashion sense. Just stating the facts. Did someone post a link to this site over at crazzyassed Adamofficial, so all you grandmas rush over to post your Lambert ball licking comments, like that in some way will get you “closer” to him? I’m not the only one who know how you women operate. You infiltrate websites that mention Lamebert constantly, you’re all insane.

    2. Jodie says:

      Dude, your rantings are about a million times more offensive than anything Adam has ever said. Get some freaking class. Take out a loan to buy some if you have to. Unreal.

      1. ZZ says:

        ooooooh, Jodie, you really got me. What’s your glambert number?

      2. Amber says:

        Actually, you are right. So all credibility for the not-a-fan of Adam’s just went out the door. Hey ZZ man, don’t help us out here. I was supporting James against rantings, don’t need to hear other even worse rantings. ugh

    3. AC says:

      Funny cause it was James who looked like the pissy queen when he was crying and carring on because he was voted off. Now he is upset because Adam did not praise him enough. What a puss. But spitfire Haley rocked her way off the stage.

    4. LJ says:

      Actually ZZ, I find you way more offensive than anything JD has said.
      Before s10 idols start criticizing Grammy nominated, platinum selling, tour headlining artists they might 1st want to release a cd or single.

      1. Dirk says:

        You mean like when Adam accused the multi-platinum, multi tour headlining, bestselling author and humanitarian superstar Clay Aiken of riding his coat tails the day after Adam lost Idol? LOLOLOLOLOL.

      2. yeahwhateva says:

        Dirk wins this round.

    5. SharonS says:

      Hey why don’t you learn how to spell Adam’s name and buy some class.

    6. adamaniac85 says:

      Hmmm, last I checked I do not have any grandchildren.

      1. Kelly says:

        No, I’m sure you haven’t. That would have required someone to have wanted to have sex with you for that to happen.

  19. Melissa says:

    Dang I can’t believe I voted for this guy. He’s kind of a jerk.

  20. Lisa says:

    Noooooooo James! Don’t do this. When you are ASKED about the Adam comparisons and you respond, you get some leadway. But when YOU bring him up and diss on him… are stepping in some dangerous territory. I say this as a fan that voted for you. You are just starting out dude…keep it on the low down.

    1. ZZ says:

      Lambert dissed him FIRST.

      1. disgusted says:

        how did Lambert diss him first? by saying he was trying to hard? he was, flaming pianos, pyro every performance, guest guitar players, etc. James in a recent interview talked about his performances and it became clear he borrowed from others and isn’t original in the least.

        Why James would bring up Adam unless asked about him is beyond me. I guess he’s trying to get some mileage out of his 15 min but dissing an already established artist, with a large and loyal fanbase isn’t the way to go. esp not when the media loves Adam too.

    2. blissrene says:

      But, how come? Why should James keep any sort of opinion to himself? He’s off the show now, and so is Adam. He is free to comment on any recording artist out there right now. And he did so respectfully.

      1. Amber says:


      2. Sam says:

        ok “he did so respectfully” so that means saying “throw away his entire fan base and piss people off” is that a respectful way of showing an opinion i don’t think so and why he bring adam lambert up when there’s no need for it

      3. lakeview says:

        “Why should James keep any sort of opinion to himself?

        Well, let’s see. Maybe because at this point he should be trying to increase his fan base rather than decrease it? His personality is really starting to piss people off.

  21. Beth says:

    I LOVE it, you can tell James was told or read about Adam calling him a copycat etc.. James was bullied and beaten as a kid and he has learned to stick up for himself.. You go James you keep being your awesome self… Adam and his sheep are all drama queens

    1. Amber says:

      Really, Adam was bullying James. Seriously? Maybe he is not as nice as people think.

      1. blissrene says:

        From what I hear, Adam is a bit of a snob. Only wants to be around people who is “somebody” in the biz, or looks and acts a certain way. I don’t know if he’s a bully, but apparently, if you don’t measure up to his standards you’re not worth his time.

      2. Beth says:

        I didnt say Adam bullied James but you just did…

      3. lakeview says:

        Such BS. When Adam was on Idol in March, he spent more time with James than with anyone else.

    2. Maddy says:

      Beth…so wait, you think being bullied as a kid entitles someone to say whatever they want and not have to suffer the consequenses? Honey, what kind of f*cked world do you live in.? And your name calling is quite hypocrital of your own post. Make up your mind.

    3. Allie says:

      So it is a good thing to drive away potential customers and fans in droves? Dumb you are really dumb.

  22. Fan-of-Adam says:

    James is digging his own grave I’m sorry to say. Adam said he wanted his first Album to be a mix and that’s what it was. Dissing him is going to get him no where fast! He really does need someone to advise him, rather than baby him, on how to conduct himself in the public eye.

    1. Julie says:

      Adam has done more ROCK than James has to date. I know its early and James has alot of time to do what he promises. When the chances are given though..James is doing Journey Journey is NOT metal!! LOL

    2. Valerie says:

      Adam dissed James, while the latter was still a contestant on Idol. Other Idol grads have had more class than that for the previous 9 seasons. It took the narcissistic Glambert to break that long held tradition.
      James scares him, and for good reason. He won’t make a dance pop album.

      1. SharonS says:

        You are right James won’t make a pop album or any other type probably. He ain’t that good and his attitude will turn off fans and record labels. Hopefully someone in the business will sit him down and gave him a heart to heart talk about how to speak in public.

      2. Zander says:

        I guess you are not aware of the many former Idols who have been writing up their own critiques of this seasons Idols on THR. The same publication that asked Adam his opinions in an interview. Other Idols said the same things about James that Adam did and so did Jimmy Iovine.

      3. queenrosered says:

        Valerie, your ignorance is showing, BIG TIME. Adam simply Tweeted a critique about James that included observations the JUDGES should have given him all season!
        And Adam is MORE rock, ANY genre, than James could ever HOPE to be.Adam is a BILLION times more talented, and experienced as well as good-looking. And he is already an International star.Deal with it.

  23. Vincent says:

    Lmao Adam picked on the wrong guy..James is not scared to stick up for himself…. Adam did start this by flaming it with his crazy glamberts and sparkle cows.. Those are some of the nuttiest fans I have ever seen…

    1. AC says:

      Adam will not back down if this punk keeps at it. And 19 is Adams management and they love the guy. If James gets signed by them he can expect to play second fiddle so he best be cool. Jerk.

    2. Allie says:

      Vincent how did Adam start it by saying Haley was his fav and not James? He said James was good but he preferred Haley. James is looking like a Tool and loosing fans! Is that smart?

      1. barrE says:


    3. SusanGlamMom says:

      Yes Vincent we are, in fact, very much the nuttiest fan you’ll ever see and we are also very proud of it! Thing of it is, though, that not only are we very very loyal to our Glitter God (I say that knowing how much it will piss some people off who are posting & reading in these comments hehe) but Adam is also extremely loyal to us.

      1. ZZ says:

        LOL, “SusanGlamMom”, I can guarantee you that Lambert wishes like hell he had 20 something young twinks as his fans, not horny old housewives who wet their panties over him and throw dildoes up on stage at him.

      2. lakeview says:

        I think the Adam haters and Adam-fan-haters sound alot crazier than any of the fans I’ve seen. They are so obsessed with denigrating Adam by denigrating his fans with the most insulting language they can think of (yes, ZZ, I’m looking at you). So pathetic.

      3. Sam says:

        ok @ZZ don’t think only older fans like adam there r also a lot of teenages who also like him and FYI i’m 18 yrs old and i like him and most of all i’m proud being glambert

      4. yeahwhateva says:

        ZZ, again, I have to agree with you. And this time, I’d say it just about the same way.

  24. Teddie says:

    Adam is all about REALNESS and keeping it real. He would expect James to do that too.

    Looks like Glamberts prowling for a new victim. Always got to be some bad guy picking on their poor wittle Adam.

    Grow up. Adam has.

  25. SarahS says:

    Rock on James!!! /m|

  26. Maddy says:

    ZZ…I think you’re a closest Glambert! You know an AWFUL LOT about this fandom. Give it up already…I’m holding the door open…ease on out.

    1. Shirley says:

      Adam is a grammy nominated artist with a gold and platinum album and singles in over 10 countries. Let’s hope James’ METAL album does as well.

      1. Danny says:

        Platinum in bumfuck Egypt doesn’t mean shit. Adam is a loser with no sales in the US where it counts.

      2. blissrene says:

        lmao, thumbs up.

      3. joy Lambskank @uownmyheartadam says:

        Response to Danny: ya whatever dude- Adam’s album has sold over 800 thousand units and his second Album will go multi-platinum mark my words -lets see if James can even come close…!!! I will make a bet with you that if James does a Metal album he won’t even break 200 thousand sales and he will lose his contract as have so many idols in the past…sad really!

    2. blissrene says:

      The other countries are still listening to Backstreet Boys for petesake. Those coutries don’t count.

      1. Peggy says:

        I’m sure people in those countries would tell you to go **** yourself.

      2. Melanie says:

        I’m not from the US and I agree with Peggy……..

      3. lakeview says:

        “Those countries don’t count.”

        Exactly the attitude that makes people in other countries hate America and Americans. Nice.

      4. raepat says:

        Canada COUNTS and he is platinum here..nice attitude!!

      5. Kelly says:

        You know blissrene, for someone who doesn’t like Lambert, you certainly seem to be obsessively stalking this message board. Don’t bother to respond, I’m moving on….something perhaps you should consider. Even if you have nothing better to do with your life….read a book or something. Your hate-filled comments are getting old, and your obvious obsession is nothing short of pathetic.

    3. yeahwhateva says:

      So you’re saying ZZ is right.

      1. yeahwhateva says:

        This came out way off. It was in reply to Maddy.

      2. Maddy says:

        Just trying to figure out why ZZ who CLAIMS to hate Adam knows so many things that only a Glambert would know or care to know (see other ZZ posts as well)…obviously has spent a great deal of time on Adam’s fan sites…probably as a troll. Oh, and it’s call sarcasm dumbass.

  27. SharonS says:

    Someone needs to tell James the truth. Every time he opens his mouth he says something arrogant and stupid. He’s so full of himself. Metal has made it’s mark in the music business and like other classic music cannot be reproduced in today’s market. He has no class or filter just says whatever he wants without any thought to how it affects other people. He told so many lies in this interview that it shows just how dishonest he really is. The guy doesn’t even have a contract yet and still he’s dissing on Adam. I was over James 1st night I heard him sing. He was nothing more than a complete circus act on the show. James let’s wait a year or so and see where you are in the music business. My prediction is you won’t be selling out arenas or selling a million copies of heavy metal. Good luck to you young man.

    1. Teddie says:

      “He has no class or filter just says whatever he wants without any thought to how it affects other people.”

      So anyone who does that is wrong? You can’t just go around saying whatever you want and expect to be applauded for your honesty or “realness”?

      Will you be first in line to tell Adam to STFU the next time he hurts someone (or group) with his realness, or will you praise him for speaking his mind?

    2. queenrosered says:

      LOL Sharon! You are SO right! Durbin is delusional, full of himself, and has verbal diarrhea. As they say in Texas, “He’s all hat and NO cattle!” As far as a circus act…yeah, a 3rd rate one at that. ^5! And yes, ZZ and peeps like that are definitely TROLLS! They ONLY lurk in Adam sites and threads because they are secretly obsessed. Closet Glamberts, LOL! ;D

  28. Rach says:

    Well the AI finale is gonna be interesting with both of them there! Just as well Adam’s a lover not a fighter lol suck it up James

    1. SharonS says:

      I so wish Adam was performing at results night. Then the whole world can compare their singing talent at same time. It’s rumored James is singing with Judas Priest, if so that’s when I will mute the show.

  29. VickStiX says:

    I was a huge fan of James all through the season, Even went to two shows. Well… I WAS a fan. UNTIL I started listening to his interviews. He’s SO FULL of himself, that it makes me cringe every time I listen to him. He;s dissing on Adam NOW, just because Adam is a fan of Haley’s and NOT HIM! James is the one pissing off his fans, NOT Adam. James also NEEDS to learn his genres. Adam’s CD is NOT techno/pop, its a mixture of everything. Pop, techo, glam, AND ROCK! And Adam did NOT piss off any of his fans. Learn your facts, before you go talking smack, James. You’re ONLY losing fans while your head continues to grow larger & larger. Highly disappointed. I don’t usually go from being a fan of an artist, to a nasty taste in my mouth, like I have in your case. Sorry I voted for you now. I had PLANNED on buying your music. NOT anymore, that’s for darn sure. 😦

    1. SharonS says:

      I know for a fact that many of those ppl who voted for James during the season are no longer fans of his. James has hurt his own image by blaming everyone but himself for his failures. Wake up James you got voted off cause you weren’t as good as Haley, Lauren and Scotty. End of story.

      1. Hilary says:

        You know many fans huh? LOL. Please it doesn’t matter how many people you know that are no longer fans of his. They do not make up the majority of the fans that do.

    2. yeahwhateva says:

      VickstiX, ahm, you’re talking to a former Adam Lambert fan. It’s been coming for a while but when I made my first reply to this thread, it was over. I am sick of Adam’s crap to be sure but I’m even more sick of you stupid ass Glamberts. If you really think I’m the only one jumping ship, you’re even more delusional than I thought.

      1. Maddy says:

        Here’s a thought…if you’re so sick of us Glamberts, then stay away. If something on the net has to do with Adam, we’re going to be here. Shocker…it’s not rocket science m’dear.

      2. queenrosered says:

        Yeah…..whateva…. liar.No REAL Adam fan would “jump ship”, ya fake! Vick has been a fan from DAY one, as have I. And, on the OFF chance that you ever considered yourself a Glambert…then you are a dirty traitor and have taste for SHIZZ! The delusions are all yours.

      3. VickStiX says:

        You don’t like Glambert’s then just crawl right back under that rock you live under. Because like Maddy said, Glamberts will be wherever something is mentioned about Adam. Because we are REAL Adam fans, unlike posers like Hilary

      4. VickStiX says:

        BTW Former fan my ass. You were a POSER!! Because no real fan with real taste in music, would ever jump ship, because Adam is the most talented singer to come along since Freddie Mercury.

  30. Julie says:

    Sorry James but you doing performances on tv covering Journey songs is not sticking to what you said..Journey was never metal! HELLO??? So before you incorrectly speak of Adam how about practicing what you preach?? Wheres the metal James..?? One song on Idol (judas) is not exactly bringing metal back..LOL!

  31. Ashley says:

    A contemporary musician should be able to identify what techno is. Lambert’s album is dead straight pop, not techno. Durbin should know that. A contemporary musician should be able to identify what metal is, and, again, Durbin is clueless. He never did metal on idol, and there’s no example of his doing metal on youtube.

    Further on metal: Metal fans are music snobs, and will NOT be moved by the Aspie excuse. They don’t approve of idol singers, and they expect their singers to be able to sing. Durbin, sadly, is incapable of singing on key.

    Whoever’s in charge of Durbin, control him, please.

    1. SharonS says:

      You know I just remember that 2 heavy metal, biker dudes at a concert I think in Nashville or somewhere in the South were yelling Adam’s name. A person sitting near both of these guys said they were huge fans of Adam’s and impressed at his vocal ability. They mentioned they like his Rock edge music style.

    2. cubannerd says:

      also let me add that someone who followed Adam on Idol would know that his two biggest music influences are Freddie Mercury and David Bowie. A contemporary musician should know that these two guys never stuck into one genre of music. These two guys never took themselves so seriously but at the same time manage to be creative and innovative.

  32. SharonS says:

    I re-read the comments and realized just how mean and homophobic James fans can be. How is it that this radio station allows those kinds of comments shouldn’t they delete them like other reputable stations and blogs. It so sad that the DJ’s that interviewed James didn’t call him out for his nasty and incorrect statements. I have lost all respect for this station.

    1. Fan-of-Adam says:

      I’m not sure it was the DJ’s place to tell James how to professionally act in an interview. at this point, people that would have gladly managed his career in the beginning are probably having second thoughts.

    2. Teddie says:

      Homopobic? What about the Glamberts picking James’ twitches?

      I’d say it’s more like zealots of any stripe are mean and making fun of a disability is not a lesser offense than making fun of someone’s sexuality.

      1. lakeview says:

        It wasn’t “the Glamberts” picking on JD’s disabilities, it was one person. I am a fan of Adam’s and I agree it was a nasty and reprehensible thing to do. But don’t blame it on Glamberts.

    3. Metal Glambert says:

      How about some of the Glamberts who bash James and call him nasty names? I think JD haters are prejudice against people with Aspergers.

      1. adamaniac85 says:

        This is just a STUPID comment!!!

  33. Allie says:

    James you just LOST one more Adam fan who had planned to buy your music. You are classless and a tool. No way, no how are you anywhere near the singer Adam is. You also lack his charm, his ability to know when to talk and when to STFU.

  34. Judy says:

    Arrogance in any way ,shape or form is such an ugly attitude ! Sorry James you just blew any chance of me ever buying your music !

  35. Josie says:

    Yikes James please please stop! I voted like a crazy person for you and have gifted all your songs to my family, and we all have so much respect for you overcoming your disabilities. But in this interview you don’t sound like the nice respectful talented young man that we all fell in love with, you sound arrogant and I just know you’re not. Plus I think those DJ’s were laughing at you even though they tried to hide it. 😦

    1. indigo says:

      This is not the only times James has shown arrogance. If watch Entertainment tonight interview, He said,”I am not a follower but trend setter, I am not going to pay from my own pocket for a nationwide tour,I am not going to sing on the side stage of someone like Motley crew, I going straight to the top, my face is on the Billboard,on the Bill. I want to take my career where no Idol Alum has taken before”. I think Durbin needs PR person to help him, he def. got problems at this point.

  36. Nina says:

    The ONLY reason I clicked on this article is Adam’s name. Ha! James…dude…you ain’t all that. He “garnered all that attention” because he was an Adam wannabe. Get real!

  37. Mrs Kincade says:

    Adam’s fans make me sick. And it’s sad because I am an Adam fan. It’s either about James or his love life. That’s all you hear about anymore from the fans of Adam Lambert.

    1. SharonS says:

      You are so wrong. Adam fans have done nothing to hurt James they are just telling the truth. Are YOU really a fan? If so stop dissing other fans.

      1. yeahwhateva says:

        You can be an Adam fan without being a Glambert fan. I know, because I did it for two years.

    2. Peggy says:

      An Adam fan? VERY DOUBTFUL!!

      1. Maddy says:

        @yeahwhateva – they’re one in the same…a true fan would know that.

    3. cubannerd says:

      I am not just an Adam fan. I happen to be a music fan and a metal head and this guy is clueless. He talks like there is no good metal out there. Like he is going to save the genre from oblivion. But here is a fact. Metal doesn’t need to be rescued. I don’t freaking want Metal to go mainstream. I like the genre how it is. I used to think that it was a great idea for metal to be more accepted but that is not what Metal is about. True Metal fans know that. James is just a poser.

      1. SharonS says:

        Exactly what I posted earlier. James needs a wake up call. Classic music is just that and doesn’t need to be re-invented to reborn. It’s fine the way it is and was. Just like classic rock. No one is going to reinvent it either. James will have to change his attitude about genres or he won’t be making any music with anyone.

      2. Metal Glambert says:

        I have to disagree @cubannerd. I am a HUGE Metalhead. I’ve been following Metal for years and know a lot about it. Heavy Metal is a mainstream music genre all over the world EXCEPT in America. If you go to Finland… Heavy Metal is a mainstream music genre over there. I’m so sick of Metal being ignored on the radios here in the States. I’m so glad James Durbin had the balls to represent it on Idol. He brought Zakk FREAKING Wylde on a mainstream television show!! I love what James has done for Metal on Idol. I’m not the only one. Eddie Trunk and Paul Gargano (who are both Metal experts) are also fans of James Durbin. There are tons of good Metal out there, but not on America radio, which is sad.

      3. cubannerd says:

        @Metal Glambert I know that Metal is mainstream in other countries like Finland, Norway and the Netherlands but there is a huge difference. European countries are smaller and more open minded than US audiences. Bringing metal to mainstream audiences in the US will only ruin the genre. It will turned it in generic and bland music. Look what is happening with mainstream electronic pop music. It is pure garbage. I used to think like you metal glambert, I did but I grew so disappointed on the mayor labels and the music industry in general that I rather having the radio ignoring metal than an explosion of untalented singers and bands destroying one of my favorite genres.

    4. joy Lambskank @uownmyheartadam says:

      WTF are you talking about! Its because of Adam Lambert’s insanely passionate fans-base that he has been in the public eye ever since Idol…We will never stop talking about him and this gets him a ton of attention. The Paps know that we will see every pic, and watch every video hundreds of times so they keep him in the spotlight- We are a force to be reckoned with. No other idol fan-base can attest to that! Oh BTW -just to give you an example: it was just announced that Adam is considered the second most hottest man in the world on…. I do think Adam is the #1 hottest man in the world. Glamberts Rock and so does Adam!

      1. yeahwhateva says:

        Should I be afraid because I’m LMFAO right now.

    5. SLD says:

      Mrs. Kincade……Clearly you don’t know anything about the fans of Adam Lambert. This is the most stupid remark. Thanks for the laugh.

      1. Maddy says:

        @yeahwhateva – it’s called a figure of speech…look it up.

      2. Maddy says:

        yeahwhateva – it’s called a figure of speech…look it up.

  38. Carly says:

    James…control yourself…you’re only hurting yourself with your remarks. 😦

  39. Suzy says:

    OK James-let your true colors shine dude ! Adam was asked to give his opinion and that’s the only reason he mentioned that guy! I don’t think JD is in a position to judge such a well received album with more than million copies sold worldwide, from an artist with Grammy nomination for his VOCAL ability,sold out world tour and millions of fans! Good luck getting even near that! Till than smarten up and shut your mouth !

    1. SharonS says:

      Yes James just shut your mouth.

  40. cubannerd says:

    I really don’t care what he said about Adam. Adam can totally handle criticism and trash from anyone. It is not my job to defend him but what piss me off about James Durbin is that he talks about electronic music like it wasn’t real music.
    Also dude NOT all METAL is abrasive, fast, heavy and with death metal vocals. There is melodic metal with mega awesome singers now just like it was back in the 70’s and 80’s. Has this dude ever heard any Power Metal? He totally pisses me off. I listen to all types of metal from all over the world and this guy is absolutely clueless. The day you can sing like Roy Khan, Tony Kakko, Kotipelto, Jorn or Daniel Heiman. I will consider to listen to what ever music you put out.

    1. Leigh says:

      Thank you, cubannerd!

  41. HolyCrap says:

    Good Lord, look at all the crazy ass Lambert fans in here.

    And James is right.

    1. Jackie says:

      Well Durbins right as long as you think that Durbins personal dillusion of thinking that Adam SHOULD HAVE GONE TOTALLY ROCK is correct…but it’s not. Adam never said he was going that route, he wanted a very eclectic album. I really don’t think Durbin understands any genre of music if he thinks Adams cd is electronic/techno or he really hasn’t heard it!

    2. queenrosered says:

      There is NOTHING “Holy” about your CRAP. It’s just regular, everyday CRAP…

  42. Peggy says:

    Something James obviously didn’t know was that a lot of Glamberts were, and I emphasize WERE, fans of him too. He just shot himself in the foot. D.U.M.B. M.O.V.E.

    1. yeahwhateva says:

      Actually, James is better off without the crazy on his side. I bet Adam wishes he were so lucky.

      1. Maddy says:

        Yeah, cos those same “crazy” fans would’ve bought his cd…I can see why James wouldn’t want that. Pahlease.

  43. Mrs Kincade says:

    James is getting the same hurt that Adam did. When other fans from other singers dissed him. And all us Adam fans got mad and upset. James never compared himself to Adam. And yes I’m an Adam fan I even bought his CD!

    1. Peggy says:

      Honey, you’re dreaming. “and even bought his cd” ?? Not something a true fan would’ve said.

      1. yeahwhateva says:

        How old are you, 12?

    2. SharonS says:

      Who are you kidding Adam never dissed James just gave his opinion. Adam knows music and is a classically trained singer. You keep referring to “Adam fans” I guess that doesn’t include you or you wouldn’t be saying that. Don’t do Adam any favors btw I bought 20+ and donated many of those to charity.

      1. Mrs Kincade says:

        Not ADAM. Other singers and fans.

      2. Hilary says:

        Why would ANYONE buy 20+ of that terrible album of Adam’s? You delusional tard.

      3. Maddy says:

        @yeahwhateva – now which is it? First you agree with another poster that Adam’s fans are all old…but now you’re accusing me of being young? Make up your mind.

    3. yeahwhateva says:


      1. yeahwhateva says:

        Okay my reply above was for Mrs. Kincade at 4:04 but it fits with Hilary’s comment too.

  44. Joelikesmetaltoo says:

    THIS…I am not just an Adam fan. I happen to be a music fan and a metal head and this guy is clueless. He talks like there is no good metal out there. Like he is going to save the genre from oblivion. But here is a fact. Metal doesn’t need to be rescued. I don’t freaking want Metal to go mainstream. I like the genre how it is. I used to think that it was a great idea for metal to be more accepted but that is not what Metal is about. True Metal fans know that. James is just a poser. cubannerd

  45. Emma says:

    James sounds like a bitter fool here. Adam did very few true “rock” performances on Idol, he merely got that reputation for the nature of his voice. He has always said that he wants to create pop/dance albums, so you can’t fault him on that. I understand that James was upset after hearing Adam was no longer a fan and had moved on to Haley (who, I’m sorry, is MUCH more talented than James), but he needs to accept that people will have different opinions. How is he going to survive in the music industry if his response to a little criticism is to mouth off like this? Don’t go making enemies this early, James.

  46. revcat says:

    I am a fan of Adam’s but not a die hard Lambert. Adam’s voice is stellar. I am not a fan of James’ musical style, but I hope he finds his niche and does well. But the funny thing is, James and Adam both share the same personality trait, honest to a fault. James’ lack of a filter could be due to aspergers, but Adam? That’s just Adam and I actually find both of their personalities refreshing. No need for fans to feud, it’s kinda silly.

  47. littlemissnobody says:

    I respect Adam’s talent, but not his bitchiness and snobbery. He’s waaaaay too ‘glam’ and campy for my taste, and I have no interest in following his career or buying his music. I find James much more ‘real’, and I will buy his album. He’s come a long way for someone with his challenges, and I say Bravo to him for expressing himself honestly, even though sometimes awkwardly due to his autism. I don’t believe his intention is ever to be rude.

    1. Letta says:

      James is a whinning bitch. Go cry to someone who cares.

    2. Suzy says:

      Being an asshole is NOT a symptom of autism !

      1. Peggy says:

        Apparently in Jame’s case it is…

    3. lakeview says:

      How is favoring Haley over James “snobbery” ? Adam is constantly praising other artists and urging his million+ twitter followers to check out their music. He is incredibly supportive of artists who are not well-known as well as some that are well known. He is extremely loyal to his friends from pre-idol as well. He loves meeting new people and talking to them. I don’t get the snobbery comment. He’s just the opposite – he can and does talk to everyone and treats them with respect. He’s all about love and inclusiveness.

  48. Jenna says:

    Boy they didn’t even ask him about Lambert and out came this crap anyway. I wish all the media would leave Adam’s name out of articles about James. He did do a little more than dump on Adam, but you just had to mention Lambert in the title to get those hits and fan the flames. James, you shoulda not said that.

  49. TL says:

    Sorry James but all the sympathy / good will that I had towards you is gone from this interview. Adam never pretended to be a pure rock music artist. He did quite a bit of classic rock on idol because he was smart and knew it was something he did well and made good TV. But thats not where the charts are right now and it’s not the kind of music he ever wanted to make for himself. His pre-idol music was a mixture of Rock, Pop and Electronica, and thats exactly what he delivered on FYE. He stayed true to himself and has had serious international success by doing so.

    Good Luck James. You are really gonna need it. The music industry doesn’t give gold stars for effort and will only let you be rude so far because of your condition (which btw people is NOT an excuse for being rude / an idiot. People with HF Autism are not automatically assholes. I know, I live with one. Stop making excuses for his piss poor behaviour)

    1. SharonS says:

      You are exactly right.

  50. kirsten says:

    Seems the only way James can get press is to mention Adam. Too bad because I can’t stand Adam. I’m a Kris Allen fan and it still pisses me off that Adam upstaged him. If James keeps this up the same thing will happen to him. Adam has everbody in his corner and that will not change for James. He will only end up is Adam’s shadow. Best for him to chart his own course and try to make a name for himself.

    1. SharonS says:

      Oh you can’t stand Adam and u are a Kris fan? Did you forgot they are close friends? Adam never upstaged Kris so get your facts straight. Are you trying to get hits for Kris by mentioning Adam’s name? Hummm

  51. Mrs Kincade says:

    Yes I’m a true Adam fan. I’m on all of his forums. His official Websites. I watch his interviews over and over. His you tube videos over and over again. Also look at his pictures. Everything a die hard fan would do. I’m going to buy his new CD. For which I can’t wait for it to come out in the fall. And I look at his twitter all time.

    1. SharonS says:

      No true Adam fan disses him the way you did on this blog. I am glad you support him by buying his music but try and support him by being more positive and show more respect for him unlike on here.

    2. yeahwhateva says:

      But you’re not bashing James, Mrs Kincade. If YOU were a REAL fan you would be doing that.

  52. Kimberly says:

    Someone here said Adam is classy….uh….no. He is about as far from classy as one can get, in my opinion.

    1. SharonS says:

      It just that your opinion and personally I don’t care about your opinion it’s not worth discussing.

  53. barrE says:

    Glamberts are angry at someone for speaking the truth about their “beebee”. Awww man….

    1. adamaniac85 says:

      It’s “BB” you must not know what it stands for.

  54. Amber says:

    Oooh, oooh, I am a glambert and Adam is the most perfect human being on the face of the planet!!!111eleventy!!!111 He also has the best voice and is the best looking and no one can ever, ever say anything the slightest little bit critical of him because I will stomp them to pieces if they do. And he is a superstah and is platinum is all the stan countries and I am so amazing because I love him. Also, he can be as mean and as much of a bully as he wants because he is Adam so it is ok. So if he kicks some new kid, it is ok, because after all, he sings a little like Adam and HOW DARE HE? And Adam is going to rule the world and show all you haters, and I will be amazing right along with him because I love him sooooo much and will destroy anyone who doesn’t worship him like I do, because I am so amazing!!!111!!!111 and HE is AMAZING!!!111!!!

    1. barrE says:

      Do u wuv your BEEBEE Adam??!!

      1. Peggy says:

        barrE…what’s YOUR glambert number? Seems you spend a lot of time on his fansite for someone who claims to hate him. S.H.!.T.S.T.I.R.R.E.R.

    2. yeahwhateva says:


      1. yeahwhateva says:

        Ugh, this thing is messed up. The above is in reply to Amber.

    3. indigo says:

      Amber needs help PRONTO!!!!!!!!!

  55. Pillowfight says:

    Why have we not heard any Carrie fans call Lauren a copycat heck she even sang one of her songs… That’s right that’s because they are classy, glamberts not so much

    1. barrE says:

      *Snort* There isn’t any other crazyfuckedup fanbase like “Glamberts”

    2. Peggy says:

      Hmmm…maybe it’ because Lauren didn’t start the comparisons herself like James did.

      1. Pillowfight says:

        Lmao this is truly comical

    3. Josie says:

      LOL why isn’t Scotty whining to the press about Carrie after she said in an interview that she didn’t know who he really was as an artist from his Idol performances? Why isn’t Carrie in trouble with Scotty fans for voicing some mild criticism?

      Because Scotty and his fans understand that this is the nature of the music business, and if you listen sometimes constructive criticism can actually be helpful. Also, because people love to jump at any chance to pile on Adam, while they revere the lovely Carrie. Oh Idol fans.

    4. lakeview says:

      Maybe because Lauren did a pretty good job on it and didn’t massacre the song like James did with “A Change is Gonna Come”?

    5. Beverly says:

      All the hate here isn’t just being shown by Glamberts….. All Glamberts aren’t granny’s either! If you’re going to claim to hate on someone check out your info first!

  56. Peggy says:

    ZZ…you know WAAAAAY to much about a fandom that you claim to hate. Why do you bother?

  57. Leigh says:

    Well, I like James’s voice at “normal levels” – his higher notes are not pleasing. Downloaded four of his recordings: “Uprising,” “While My Guitar Gently Weeps,” “Living for the City,” and “Maybe I’m Amazed” – he records very well and I enjoy these tracks. But, unfortunately, in this interview, he comes across as pompous and full of himself – bringing back metal? Who’s going to buy it? Not metal heads or the average AI viewer. This is delusional. His ignorance, also, about what Lambert has always said about the eclecticism of his FYE album (and why he went that way), as well as what he has done in his worldwide concerts, does not speak well about Durbin’s knowledge of the industry. Hope James has some success, but if he does, it will not be metal, but the Cook route. Meanwhile, he should just play it cool, give fun interviews, and work hard.

  58. Rita says:

    Wow ….. Durbin is a bonafide Douchebag.

  59. Julie says:

    I think one of James biggest problems is HIS ego. He said after being elimanted on idol that HE COULD NOT find anything to critique about his previous performance and while I am happy for him about that..That comes off as sounding egotistical.

  60. MK says:

    Wow, I don’t get why everyone’s so riled up. I like both James and Adam for their musical talent and could care less about what they say about each other. The only similarities between them are that they were both Idol contestants, that’s where it begins and ends for me. They’re aldults, James is entitled to his opinion about Adam, the same way Adam is entitled to his opinion about James. Why even listen to what James had to say when you know you’re not going to like it? You’re just stressing yourself out.

  61. C says:

    I’m tired of this ridiculous feud and all of the disrespect from both sides. Just let it go – why do people have to attack another person just b/c they said something you didn’t like about an artist you like? Who cares?!

    I don’t know much about Adam Lambert – never really listened to him and I didn’t watch Idol his season – but it seems he needs to be classy about it too… both sides need to.. but as an Idol finalist I don’t think he should have been picking favorites and tweeting about them.. or inserting himself into the new season

    And when listening to James, you have to remember the role his Asperger’s plays in his social skills. He will break social rules and not be the most classy person, it’s who he is and he can’t help that. I think Adam should know this too and maybe he and his fans would lay off and this would go away… I think James is doing the best he can… I think Adam should take the high road on this and understand the situation and move on

    Also, his emotional reactions are completely normal too – people with this diagnosis have trouble regulating emotions.. just FYI. If you don’t like him, just leave he and his fans alone. I don’t go around attacking Adam fans all over the internet.. it’s just childish… They’re both talented – Pick who you like and enjoy their music…

    1. joy Lambskank @uownmyheartadam says:

      I do agree with what you said and i am glad you said it! I just hope James gets some help extra regarding social skills as this will hurt his career immensely. With our 24 hour news cycle not having good social skills can really do damage. I also hope he learns to stop pissing off entire fans bases -especially Adam Lambert’s as Glamberts are relentlessly passionate in protecting their BB! Time will tell…

      1. yeahwhateva says:

        No, glamberts are just a bunch of people on the internet who wouldn’t have the balls to talk to someone to their face the way they do online. There’s no reason James or anyone should go out of their way just to please them.

      2. Maddy says:

        Oh, and like the haters would be any different. And you’re absolutlely right…no one has to please anyone else…he just needs to expect the backlash from those he offends.

    2. lakeview says:

      C – Here is what Adam tweeted a few days ago when asked who he thought deserved to win Idol:

      @kashiny9 in regards to Idol I’ve said way too much. Media turns non-personal, honest opinions into “feuds”. 6:58 PM May 21st via Twitter for iPhone in reply to kashiny9

      @kashiny9 like mom taught: “if u don’t have anything nice to say- don’t say it all” sorry if I hurt any feelings- not my intent. 7:00 PM May 21st via Twitter for iPhone in reply to kashiny9

    3. Helen says:

      You said it all–you don’t know anything about Adam. He has been nothing but classy in this whole situation. He was asked in an interview, he didn’t just give his opinion randomly. If anything, Adam is nothing but honest. Even when giving his opinion he did it in a positive manner and praised everyone for their talent. Last I heard, people are allowed to express their opinions. It’s James fans who are perpetrating this feud. Adam’s fans know what a warm, caring, sincere and honest person he is.We wish people would just leave him alone. For someone who is not even in the music industry yet, James certainly has a lot to say.

    4. yeahwhateva says:

      I agree with you, C and usually, I don’t get involved in this stuff because it is stupid but I’m having a real bad week, and these people have been getting on my nerves forever and well, I’m allowing myself to be stupid for a couple of hours. When I’m done saying my peace, I’m just walking away from the whole ridiculous thing. But yes, you are 100% right and I hope people listen to you.

      1. Maddy says:

        For once I agree with you…this whole thing IS stupid. This fanwar needs to end, so I’m doing my part and signing off. (I enjoyed being stupid for a couple hours too) Good night all!

    5. ccj says:

      James exhibits the Warhol personality:

      Warhol type:
      “Extremely confident to the point of egocentricity. Thinks highly of themselves, and thinks others should too. Has many ideas and feels that the world misunderstands them. Likes to monologue excessively. Often friendly in formal settings. If problems occur, they can become revengeful and bitter in life. Could have NPD traits.” (Narcisstic Personality Disorder).

      Being in the public like Idol, is even more reason that his family or friends would be aware that this form of autism can alienate him from people who are used to more civility. The people who are drawn to Adam are endeared by his humility, compassion, self-awareness, and overall desire for others to be the best they can be. What irks me (loving those traits) is the expectation of unconditional acceptance in the name of a condition to allow negativity an automatic pass because they don’t know any better. Alchoholics have a disease but we are not prone to give them unconditional acceptance without some accountability. James seems to feel his condition allows him to do or say anything without accountability. In that respect, I still think he is an ass and needs some coaching on how to respect that there are many talented people equal or better than he perceives himself to be.

  62. Anna says:

    Why is the world does James Durbin constantly mention Adam Lambert? Is he hung up on him? I’m kinda tired of hearing him mention him all the time. All I know is I started off liking James very much, but after a while he kind of turned me off. He comes across as cocky and arrogant really, really immature. I understand he’s overcome a lot and I admire him for that, but he’s just not very likeable to me. He’s always patting himself on the back and insinutating how great he is. Maybe he should just not talk so much and see how his career goes. Then, once he’s proven himself he can pat himself on the back, not before.

    1. imrahd says:

      I agree with you Anna, If you listen to hi during Entertainment tonight interview,He sounds very arrogant and comes of sounding like he is better then anyone else by saying I want to take my career where no Idol alum has taken before, I am not a follower but trend setter, I am not going to pay from my own pocket for a world tour,not going to sing on the side stage of motley crew,not going to sing in bars, I am going all the way to top,on the Billboard, on the bill. So tell me how people are going to receive him?, what label is going to put with that kind of attitude?

  63. Melanie says:

    Eventhough I love Adam, I don’t think we, his fans, should justify everything he’s said and done.. He said it himself: Sometimes he just acts before he thinks and that can sometimes end in hurting people’s feelings.. But he’s a class act enough to admit when he made the wrong call and apologizes for it.
    And James needs to learn the press game really fast, you can’t go around like this and just act like a liitle child. Like Adam had to learn that you can’t be “in your face” all the time, James has to learn that somethings you just don’t say out loud…

  64. Moimeme says:

    JAMES SHUTUP NO-ONE CARES WHAT YOU THINK YOU DOUCHE! Your 15 minutes are up now stop trying to get attention by talking about yourself in the same sentence as Adam Lambert! Adam is a legend, your just a little wannabe rocker! Lets see how you “throw it all away” when no-one is interested in your heavy metal screeches! STFU!

  65. EB says:

    Adam Lambert can masterfully sing any and every genre. During Idol and Post-Idol, he constantly changed things up and continues to keep us guessing what he will do next. That is one of the many things so entertaining about Adam.

    I love Adam’s debut album “For Your Entertainment” – it has something for everyone. (Pop, rock and dance music.) He is extraordinarily talented and doesn’t need to put himself in a box. Adam never plays it safe – and thankfully, I doubt he ever will.

    James Durbin wishes he had 10% of Adam’s talent. Sorry, but it’s true . . . . .

    1. parker says:

      “James Durbin wishes he had 10% of Adam’s talent. Sorry, but it’s true .”

      No, no, no. The guy SLAYS Adam in singing and performing. He’s genuine and not faking shit.

      1. Jordy says:

        Yes, James is 100% genuine and not faking shit…he just can’t sing.

    2. yeahwhateva says:

      FYE is a stylistic mess with no substance. It’s true.

  66. mlaila says:

    James Durbin is unaffected and honest.He can sing the socks off a song and has great stage presence with music.Nothing he said about AL is untrue.The music industry takes them and breaks them in their ignorant greed.Survive ,JD ,and love songs forever

    1. joy Lambskank @uownmyheartadam says:

      You are just plain wrong! James Durbin stated that Adam created an album that was somehow different than what he did on Idol-which is BS as he never stuck with only one genre on idol. In addition, Adam never made promises to include hard Rock or Metal on his album- It was Randy and Kara that kept pushing him to sing in those genres not Adam; he would just smile back at them on stage! He has always said that he was more impartial to Glam Rock of the 80’s fused with contemporary dance/pop rhythms and that is exactly what we got; an insanely amazing album fused with glam rock/pop/dance….You should try listening to it before you spew lies, half-truths and innuendo. Adam Lambert has always been true to himself, his creativity and his music…

  67. kimi says:

    James is just saying he want’s to stay true to his fans who love him for his rock/Metal from the show,The Guy has a right to his own opinion just as Adam does!Lord it’s world war three every time they say jump!James and Adam have passionate fans and thats cool,but take a chill pill ppl:)

    1. Joey says:

      LOL his 2 metal songs? Or really, 1 1/2 because Heavy Metal from the movie Heavy Metal is really more of a parody than an actual metal song.

  68. Kelly says:

    I am a huge Adam fan… seen him in concert 11 times.. but.. James has a point.. Adam did the WWL thing and the BTBW thing but went glam/popish and such for his tour… what we saw on Idol was not what we got for his tour…. why is everyone so upset?

    1. Leigh says:

      Adam always said he was going the glam/pop route – and that’s what he did on his album. If you really went to eleven concerts you’d know that there was a LOT of rock there as well as glam/pop. James does NOT have a point.

      1. yeahwhateva says:

        A LOT of rock-where? Sometimes his closing number but what else was rock? Soaked? Aftermath? Down the Rabbit Hole? Strut? Ring of Fire? Fever? Music Again? If I Had You? Sleepwalker? Whataya Want From Me? Yes, James does have a point.

      2. jen says:

        Yeah, just ignore Sure Fire Winners and Purple Haze and the rocky version of Sleepwalker.

    2. Lissy says:

      LOL sure Adam sang rock on Idol, but he also sang Cher, Michael Jackson, Wild Cherry and Tears for Fears. Heck his biggest moments on Idol weren’t his rock covers, they were the more quiet moments of Tracks of My Tears and Mad World. He sang a diverse range of genres on the show, and his both his debut album and his tour set spanned that same diverse range.

      It’s a free country, James has ever right to say whatever he wants, but when he gets his facts so wrong he sounds like kind of an idiot.

    3. Bree says:

      @Kelly, Adam did WLL and Slow Ride on rock week. What the heck did you expect him to do? Adam does glamrock and pop. That is what he does so why is that a problem for you. And if you went to his concerts you would have seen him doing rock. Music Again, WLL, and he rocked out on most of his songs. No way are you an Adam fan. You are just as fake as James is with his fake and unblievable metal. He did one metal song on Idol. ONE. He needs to stop trying to get attention by bringing up Adam. Let him get attention based on his accomplishments when he has some.

      1. yeahwhateva says:

        Why is there no way Kelly isn’t an Adam fan? Is it because she’s not dilusional?

    4. Alex says:

      James is voicing the opinion shared by many of his fans who supported Adam during S8 then were disappointed when he decided to waste his voice on music that’s beneath him. James reads the boards, lots of complaints on how Adam didn’t become the rawk gawd he could’ve been and he would’ve made a dam fine rocker.

  69. joy Lambskank @uownmyheartadam says:

    I am an insanely passionate Glambert AND have been one of James Durbin’s strongest supporters but now I have to say that I just feel sorry for him cause he won’t have much of a career. Metal doesn’t sell in this country and pissing off one of the most passionate fan bases in the world- i.e. Glamberts has got to be the stupidest thing he has ever done. I have lost respect for him as an artist and as a person. I am also pissed that he dissed one of the most creative, talented, and kindest people in the world-namely ADAM LAMBERT! I will always be loyal to Adam first and foremost period.

    1. yeahwhateva says:

      Ohh, Glamberts are so tough and powerful. If you need me I’ll be sitting in the corner with my knees up to my chin, shaking like a bitch.

    2. Maitri Joy Amin says:

      I’m surprised your friend Kerry let you off your leash long enough to actually listen to someone other than Lambert. Or have you had enough of being her lapdog?

      Also, “passionate” does not have to equal “insane” — unless you’re a Glambert, apparently.

  70. Satchvai says:

    This thread is full of comic win.

    1. Leigh says:

      You included, so above it all. lol

  71. @SammiRatliff says:

    I can’t wait until James’ cd isn’t successful at all and Adam is everywhere. They’re both great, but Adam is obviously better. there are people who already don’t like Adam (their loss) so OF COURSE they’re going to say James is just being honest….he could have just said WITHOUT brining Adam up that he wanted to make something that was metal. He could’ve said OTHER idol contestants haven’t done what they did on idol. He is always the one making the comparisons or bringing Adam up. Adam never brings James up UNLESS he’s asked about him and he just says how they’re different WITHOUT trashing james. He says “we both have a rock scream but we sing completely different music” and “he’s great too but we don’t sound alike” and stuff like that. Adam NEVER once said his album would be rock. He did a few rock songs, but who hasn’t on idol? And if people asks if he likes James he just says “I’m not going to comment” Or something, becuase he’s too much of a gentleman to just say “I don’t like him, he pisses me off” SERIOUSLY JAMES?! Grow up.

    1. Josh says:

      Adam had to open his legs in order to be successful.

      1. andy says:

        you’re such a douche!!!!

      2. Helen says:

        What a jerk you are.

  72. Debbie says:

    commercial success, money, record sales, isn’t everything. Staying true to who you

    1. allison says:

      Adam has always been true to who he is though, despite James claims here. Adam never claimed to be Mr.Pure. Rock, he was always a bit pop a bit rock a bit electro and a bit theatre. He was those things pre idol, on idol and has been post idol.

      Lets see if Mr Metal really does stay true to who he professes to be now.

      1. yeahwhateva says:

        Adam post Idol is not the Adam that was on Idol. Reread your Rolling Stone and he tells you himself. He was playing the game so he could get a fan base. Not saying there’s anything wrong with that-in fact he was brilliant on Idol, it’s after Idol he got stupid.

      2. allison says:

        nonsense. playing the game is in no way mutually exclusive with being true to yourself. You saw the Glam in WLL, the sensuality in ROF, the pop in B&W, the theatre in Feeling Good, the balladeer in TOMT.

        ‘Playing the game’ simply means having a strategy to get as far as you possible can – ie, showing versatility, giving amazing performances, making sure your performances are great etc.

        Adam was never a straight rock performer, in fact, THIS is what he said about his album whilst STILL ON THE SHOW:

        I repeat, lets see who really does change their tune, I bet my last dollar trhat will be ‘Mr Metal’.

  73. annie roney says:

    I love James. He is alway the gentleman. Kind and courteous to everyone. He is just stating the facts, He is an example to the young ones today and to us oldsters, too. God bless him. I am 80 years old. I do belive he can sing anything, but I love his heavy metal. anneand gabriel toy blk n silver schnauzer

    1. annie roney says:

      I forgot to say. I voted over and over for Adam, too.

    2. jen says:

      The guy is the direct opposite of a gentleman.

  74. marlock276 says:

    Not cool James.

  75. CONOLA says:

    Not cool. Love love love you, but don’t trash other folks for attention. Use your talent to garner for attention; it’s all you need baby!

  76. Micki says:

    Adam said he’d mix it up & blend genres on his album, which he did. He’s also said that rock is more of an attitude than a genre, & he’s certainly been true to the attitude. As for Durbin’s opinions, I hope we will remember the times that Adam has voiced opinions on topics (teen mom reality program comes to mind offhand, but I know there have been others) that have come with a mixed response from people, and we’ve supported his right to voice his opinion. Also, Adam recently (& humorously) said on twitter, “Opinions are like a**holes….”, which I take as him reminding us that a) we all have them, & b) what comes out of them isn’t usually too profound. As others have pointed out, I also find it funny that Durbin was the one who brought up the Adam comparison this time, but I know when people experience comparison often, especially if they dislike the comparison, sometimes they’ll bring it up themselves, preemptively. Adam fans may remember before his tour and Adam saying a few times he was tired of the lady gaga comparisons because he was his own performer, not a male copy of her? Durbin may not be as articulate as Adam, but I think that may have been part of what he was trying for here, possibly. Whatever. It’s just my *opinion*.

    1. Helen says:

      The only person responsible for the comparison is James himself. He was the first one to compare himself to Adam.I think the only thing he was trying for here, was to diss Adam. Articulate or not, he came off sounding like a pompous ass. He’s going to learn some hard lessons along the way to nowhere.

    2. yeahwhateva says:

      Well said, Micki. That’s exactly how I would approach it if I weren’t on a venting spree.

  77. meme says:

    Adam Lambert is so talented and is so handsome there is no point in anyone comparing anyone to him. That being said, James can’t not help himself. Please, this is not helping the futures of Adam or James. If you can not say anything nice, DON’T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL. BLESS YOUR HEARTS!

    1. madelyn says:

      Adam Lambert is not handsome. AT ALL. Take away his pounds of MAC makeup and have him return to his original hair color. He is just a plain ginger playing dress up. At least James is a real man and doesn’t need all that jizz on his face.

      1. lakeview says:

        A “real man”?? Wow, homophobic much?

      2. ccj says:

        a little homophobic Madelyn? Your prejudice is showing. This is the 21st century get rid of the hate.

  78. barbls says:

    James is just a Jack Ass. He is just clueless as to what Adam wanted to do and did do. Adam can do any genre and when he came out with FYE and it was eclectic everyone said oh no you can’t do that, but guess what? Artists are all doing it now. Adam is so creative and speaks to realness. James is all hype and clueless with mediocre vocals!!!

    1. Hilary says:

      Adam is a tool. He himself has a big ego and should shut his trap. He is a pussy and you guys all far for his act. Idiots.

      1. andy says:

        Adam is far from what you called him. James is the tool for constantly bringing up Adams name in every interview. James is a piss ant who needs to be noticed!!!

  79. justin says:

    First he dissed Lady Gaga in Ryan Seacrest KIIS interview, now he’s dissing Adam Lambert in this interview. lol Who’s next?

    Maybe he thinks it’s the only way how to get any press outside of idoltard blogs. Well it works for him, i had no idea who he is untill he dissed Gaga, but best of luck with that tactic.

    1. Alex says:

      LOL I think GaGa would regard being called a “crazy chick” a compliment, it’s how she describes herself anyway.

  80. Serita says:

    Go James! Tell it like it is. Everyone else can step off and STFU!!!

  81. Helen says:

    Well, if James had bothered to listen to Adam’s cd, he wouldn’t look like such a jerk right now. This guy has a lot to learn about the music industry and about common decency and manners.

  82. aunt_deen says:

    James, you’re just coming across as childish and uninformed here. Adam did a mix on the show. Rock, pop, acoustic, theatrical, etc. And that’s exactly the album he released.

    And honey, YOU are the one who compared yourself to Adam first! I don’t blame you for that at all. You two have a comparable range, you’re both willing to push Idol’s boundaries a bit, and you both have that rock scream. But James, you don’t have anything approaching Adam’s vocal control, his pitch, or his power. Furthermore, you could also take some tips from him in the areas of grace and media savvy.

    I wish you luck.

  83. Bessy says:


  84. Anonymous says:


  85. steffie says:

    just a disclaimer. please don’t count my hit at a “pro-durbin” hit and feel compelled to continue to report on him. i’m only here for adam.

  86. Bailey says:

    Oh dear, James is alienating a huge buying block. The music business is a tough road. Assuming a label is willing to put up with his shit and sign him, he will need as many peeps as possible to buy his CD. Hard core Idol fans did not help Kris or Lee. Also, good luck with getting metal on the radio.

    1. Melly says:

      Yep, he’s lost a buyer here. I can’t believe I voted for him thinking he was this sweet guy who had overcome a disability. If you listen to him making the comment, his voice is full of condescension and vitriol. Ugh it makes me uncomfortable. I guess I voted for someone I made up in my mind that doesn’t exist.

  87. WDDB says:

    “Maybe I’m Amazed” is METAL?

    WHO KNEW?!

    1. ccj says:

      Or Love Potion # 9???

  88. WDDB says:

    James does not have the wherewithal to become a major star. Sorry, but he will not be the Temple Grandin of Rock.

    And could he give Adam a rest, please? James is about to learn the very hard way that 1.) He is not going to be signed to “give Metal a chance”; and 2.) He finished 4th, and not with a Daughtry future.

    You keep burning that Adam bridge, James; you have no clue AT ALL as to how many other Adam-connected bridges are going with it.

    1. Sheila says:

      Adam was the one who started to burn bridges .. I have no respect for him anymore, would never buy his album again or go to see him in a concert.

      1. Josh says:

        Doesn’t mean anything without a reason…WHY?

      2. ccj says:

        YAY! Adam doesn’t need your negative ass there!

  89. dreamsofspike says:

    This guy is such an arrogant douche.

    Adam Lambert has more class in his little finger than this guy could ever DREAM of having. Whenever Adam was asked about the tour, about the finale, about any show that involved him *AND* all the other Idols from his year, he made a point of talking up all the other finalists, etc. James describes the finale – when he’s not even a finalist – as “me and more” — seriously???

    This inexperienced, clueless *kid* thinks he can tell Adam Lambert how he *should* have handled his run on the show? Adam never did heavy metal on Idol, never claimed to be that kind of artist. He did *classic* rock – and no one ever believed he’d put out a classic rock album. If they did, they were sorely misguided.

    It’s not called selling out, Durbin. It’s called strategy.

    Maybe if yours was a little better, you’d still be on the show.

    1. sickpuppy says:

      @dreamsofspike: Aren’t you busy enough with all your Kradam slash fic? Why bother coming here all butthurt about someone insulting your precious Adam? (If he is your precious Adam – I don’t know… from some of the sick stuff you write I get the impression you want him hurt.) Get a life.

  90. Sarah says:

    Durbin didnt do any ‘metal’ on idol……..rock possibly…….. but defiantly no metal…. i dont no what hes talking about about when he says he brought metal to idol……. Adam also does have some kinda rock on his album……..Durbin in a fool.

  91. Amanda says:

    Wow, does he have a manager yet cuz if he does, they better get a lid on him and quick! Those comments had no basis in truth! Does James think that Mad World, Tracks of my Tears, If I Can’t Have You, Play that Funky Music, and Black or White are classified as hard rock or even rock? Adam never said he would do anything in particular on his CD; he didn’t lie about it. Maybe the reason he didn’t sing the pop/techno/rock type songs like he has on his album is because there weren’t any songs like that to choose from? Anyone with any understanding of Adam knows he came from a wide background of music including opera/broadway and that he likes to push things and take them in different directions like he did with If I Can’t Have You, Mad World, Tracks of My Tears etc. So if anyone expected anything but the unexpected then it was their ignorance’s fault not adam’s!.

  92. Larry says:

    James is awesome – He can sing as good as Adam – deal with it

    1. Rita Lee says:

      Oh gosh, I think I just threw up a little after reading this.

    2. ccj says:

      He came in 4th remember, in spite of the judges pimping him….deal with it.

    3. KW says:

      There is no comparing the two. One couldn’t sing on key if his life depended on it and the other couldn’t sing off key if his life depended on it! I have only heard on bad note come out of Adam’s mouth and that was the one at the end of Mad World.

  93. Alex says:

    James is being backed by Zakk Wylde & Mike Portnoy, what he says here are not gonna make any difference cause Adam isn’t anyone important. Rock radio will play quality rock music no matter who it comes from. It’s all about the songs – if they’re good, they’ll get played, it’s that simple. And yes James has a point, Adam lost many of his fans when he decided to go electro-pop, myself included. I don’t hate Adam but I hate his music, he’s too good for the mediocre dirge he currently sings, his voice is wasted on it. And James is right about Adam not being a rocker, NONE of the rock songs Adam sings live are his. And the fact that rock radio doesn’t play his music more than anything proves that he’s not a rocker. Also tbh as much as I loved Adam on the show and believe he shoulda won his season, that was based on his talent alone, I never liked his personality. The guy is indecent and not a good role model for children, and the fact that he’s become even more “in your face” with his indencency post-Idol makes him like him even less.

    1. Melly says:

      I’m sure being James’s fan will be much more comfortable for you, since he is Born Again Christian which obvs makes him morally superior. You won’t have to sully yourself with Adam’s “indecency” anymore. LOL.

    2. Josh says:

      Alex, explain what you mean by post idol indecency. How about something to back up your nonsense.

      1. Rita Lee says:

        @Alex, thank you for bringing some sexy videos to this otherwise boring subject of James Durbin. Adam absolutely ROCKS!

      2. jen says:

        Just ignore that Alex person. It is not true that he got kicked ou of that party, I don’t know why he/she uses false, outdated gossip.

        This is clearly not about music but about his/her problem with Adam being “indecent”. XD Role model? He is not an artist for children, I mean wtf?! He’s for teens and adults and was never aiming to make musik for kids, jeez.

        Plus, it’s just typical for Americans to freak out about sexuality. Western Europe is far more progressive in that matter and we have way less teen pregnancies, rapes and suicides of gay teens because we don’t teach our kids that sexuality is evil, we educate them so they will deal with sexuality in a responsible and natural way.

        Lambert shows gay teenagers that there is nothing to be ashamed about their feelings and that they are prefectly capable of enjoying their life and also at some point their sexuality.

        Seriously, I can’t believe how bigot that person is. He is not a kid star, he’s for adults and he can drink, smoke pot and be sexy on stage as much as he wants to.

    3. Rita Lee says:

      I know you think Durbin is an 8×10 glossy picture of decency. When did he say he would marry his baby’s Momma? How old is his kid? You’ll be okay Alex, I understand you feeling confused about being so attracted to Adam in an uncomfortable way, I feel the very same way.

      1. Alex says:

        I’m female.

      2. Alex says:

        Oh and I’m not a homophobe, people’s sexuality is their business but I find it disgraceful when they have to shove into people’s faces for attention – keep it where it belongs Adam – in the bedroom.

      3. Josh says:

        You’re second clip was at a concert people pay to see what he has to offer…and are quite happy about the things he does. The first clip has been talked about to death…double standard…nuff said.

    4. nonne says:

      James Durbin is not backed by Wylde and Portnoy. James stated he wanted to work with Mike Portnoy and Wylde isn’t a producer that is going to sign Durbin to a contract so how is either helpful to his career? You love rock music and you dare to call Adam indecent? Have you been to many hard/metal rock performances? These guys aren’t your sweet boy next door nor would they be role models for your children. Have you listened to the lyrics of rock songs? And if Adam isn’t anyone important then why are you, Durbin, and the media making such a big deal out of his comments?

  94. Elisia says:

    HE compare himself to Adam Lambert – he got the ball rolling

  95. zigzag says:

    Adam never said he was a rocker & he never said he’d make a rock album.
    There shouldn’t be any comparisons between them anyway. Adam is always flawless & James is…um… full of flaws. He’s lucky that the judges kept putting him through all those weeks when he was SOOO pitchy & sounded so horrible in the beginning. And it was James himself who kept doing the same songs that Adam did. Adam did them all much better BTW. James will never ever be even half as good as Adam.

  96. zigzag says:

    Heres a great way to ‘compare’ Adam & James.-singing the same song because James loved to copy Adam.
    (James HIMSELF threw Adams name in.)
    James- painful

    Adam- stellar

    1. Amanda says:

      Yeah that definitely speaks volumes. I totally was shocked when they “liked” that performance. To me it was painful too. This clip also shows where James was the one to compare himself to Adam as well. I am still sooo confused when I see James performance….how the heck did he make it that far? Still wish him luck though as I can tell he really wants this. I personally won’t buy his album but I am sure others will. Hope he does stop knocking Adam too cuz the amount of Adam haters he potentially is winning over is far less than the Adam lovers who is losing (if he ever had to beginning with). He should just focus on himself right now.

    2. evelyn says:

      Adam is polished theatrical pop and James is raw power rock. Apples and oranges. Besides being able to hit the same high notes, they are nothing a like.

      1. Alex says:

        Exactly and raw power rock is NOT a bad thing!

      2. lakeview says:

        Well, James can’t always hit those high notes on pitch like Adam does. “Raw power” does not mean hitting the notes doesn’t matter. James is pitchy most of the time and yeah, that makes him different from Adam.

    3. Alex says:

      I’ve said this many times elsewhere, both versions are good. Adam’s is closer to the original bluesy sound while James’ made his version more of a rock sound – Rob Halford/Sebastian Bach wouldn’t have done it differently. But the major difference is stage presence – Adam performed the song, James felt the song, James performance had more soul than Adam’s. And what’s with the scowl on Adam’s face and the crazy eyes?

      1. Lavender says:

        ok great…
        james did this version… adam did another version. seriously does it really matter?
        im a glambert but…
        i also like james.
        This is not a competition.
        If you like adam, i really don’t see the need to even take in what james is saying. You know what he’s saying is not true, you know you still love adam. You know he’s amazing and your a fan of him… Forget about James. “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” I know you glamberts ( like me ) are fighters and want to prove how beautiful adam is as a person and as an artist but- a lot of jame’s fans still don’t understand – so what????
        It’s there loss.
        As for people who like James,ok, he’s being honest and you admire him for that. In other words, as you guys believe, he is not bashing adam at all, he’s just stating his own opinion.. so why are YOU bashing adam. You are saying negative things about him that james has never said before like ” oh adam has no stage presence” , ” And what’s with the scowl on Adam’s face and the crazy eyes? Seriously, Why??????????? There’s no need to say things like that.

        all of you just STOP!!!
        c’mon people. don’t waste your time creating wars that don’t exist.

      2. glitzylady says:

        Oh, Alex (and some others). I’ve been avoiding this discussion up until now, because this has largely devolved into a “fan war”, but you just stepped over the line with your last comment. You apparently have no clue (or maybe you do) what “A Change Is Gonna Come” means to Adam Lambert personally, because you would not presume to say that he merely “performed” (which he obviously did and with feeling I might add) the song as opposed to James “feeling” the song. You say you were a fan of Adam’s during Idol and thought he should have won but have now decided that he is “indecent” and a “bad role model for children”. I would strongly disagree with that, for many reasons, but that is another discussion and you have a right to your opinion. If you were still a fan, and had any knowledge of his history (as in “his story”), you would know that Adam first performed that song 4 years previous to that Idol Final Two performance, and additionally reprised that very powerful song at the last Glam Nation Tour performance in LA at the Music Box Theater exactly 6 years to the day from his original performance, also performed at The Music Box. He had come full circle. It was a beautiful moment in time and one that I was honored to experience personally. Look it up if you are interested to hear what he had to say about that song, and his challenges. Very heartfelt and honest. (By the way, Randy Jackson was there as well: he still believes in Adam, contrary to some opinions). For Adam, who has struggled for years with the bigotry and bullying that often come with being a gay or lesbian human being in a straight world, the song has TREMENDOUS personal meaning to him, as I am sure it does to James for different reasons, but all dealing with discrimination for being “different”. In my opinion, you are off base with your assertion that James “felt” the song more than Adam. I am not saying that one felt the emotion and connection any more than the other, because I have no way of knowing that, and neither do you. I can certainly see and understand that James also felt a connection to the words and meaning of the song, but you are clearly reaching for reasons to diminish Adam’s performance, even though you say both performances are “good”. Say what you will about Adam and his performance, it’s your right to have an opinion, but this is mine. By the way, I was touched by James story throughout Idol, supported him, and still do, as I feel he is talented and worthy. However, I think he needs to educate himself better about who Adam is and what he actually did on Idol, and also what he has done since then. I also understand Asperger’s Syndrome , as I have a family member with that form of Autism. I feel that James is misinformed about Adam in many ways, and has perhaps been listening to some (not all..) of his fans who seem to have the need to bash Adam Lambert, as a way of somehow elevating their own personal Idol. As others above have repeated time and time again, only to be insulted and demeaned by those Adam bashers who feel this need to rip him, and his fans, apart, Adam did NOT promise a Rock Album, and in fact delivered a great combination of musical genres, (which I know you would agree he performed beautifully on Idol), and which he put together in the short course of just a few months, during which he was also on the Idol Tour. And as others have said, he changed up many of his album songs into arguably even better versions on his international Glam Nation Tour. Say what you will, but Adam Lambert IS a good and decent man, an excellent role model for children, a talented and gifted performer, and is honest to a fault. He is also entitled to an opinion, although he is now aware that he isn’t allowed to have a public one about Idol contestants apparently. He apologized for saying anything that might have been interpreted as a diss of James or any other other Idols, once he realized his words had been taken that way. Not sure that James got that message. By the way, “the scowl on Adam’s face, and the crazy eyes” (your words) were most likely the outward manifestation of the feelings and memories that were obviously a part of Adam’s life for many years, the result of years of being “different” and therefore subject to feeling like a second class citizen in some ways. Blogs like this one, and the many negative comments directed toward Adam and his loyal fans are just one of the reasons he is still facing an uphill battle. I seriously hope he doesn’t read this one. I’m sorry I did. By the way, I rarely comment on these types of discussions, and in fact don’t read the comments sections, just because they usually end up being a big fight, but this one finally got my attention. One of the things that I admire so much about Adam Lambert is his generous and loving spirit. We could all take a lesson in that.

  97. Flounder says:

    I think James is just Awesome in every way. I hope he never changes!!!!<3

  98. theloneranger says:

    Bad mistake JD…BAD…lost a fan here…I like good music, but I also want to like the person behind the music..and you just lost me..

  99. jen says:

    R.I.P James career. XD The guy is so far stuck up his own behind, pretty much the completel opposite when it comes to kindness and humility, he will not make it in the music business.

  100. Mike says:

    I attributed James braggy and uncool’ remarks throughout the show to his Aspergers because it can manifest in this way. After listening to this interview, I agree that James simply does not have a clue. He is single handedly destroying his career before it starts by such comments. It’s not Adam fans, it’s him!!! He needs to get a grip and focus and quit ripping Adam. He already alienating a portion of Gaga fans with his obvious repulsion at being touched by her. This again is the Aspergers.

    The judges did him no service by always complimenting him. I think they were afraid to do otherwise because of his disabilities.. He was pitchy and off week after week. No other contestent would have ever gotten away with this. Anyone with half an ear could pick this up, and I know all three judges knew.

    He drew the first comparisons to Adam by talking years ago about his range and how he could sing higher than Adam. It’s about way more than that James. Get a grip boy or kiss any career goodbye.

    1. Katelyn says:

      Beautifuly said!

    2. rikki says:

      Where was Simon when you need him?

  101. Sam says:

    Wow.. After listening to this, that literally gave me a whole new perspective on James.. Sorry dude, like you as a singer, but dissing other established recording artist whilst not releasing any albums on a radio totally made you a schmuck.. It’s funny how James abhors the comparison but he keeps instigating the topic by bashing Adam.. Pissed? As far as i know i’ve bought 4 copies of his album therefore i assume you’re just the exclusive PO Adam fan(If you are).. And gosh doesn’t he sound cocky in the aftermath? If he carries on like this he is never gonna make it in the industry for real.. By the way, Adam’s not entirely rock on the show, he showed his versatility by singing other genres like ballad and up-tempo dance songs like if i can’t have you and play that funky music..Presumably this guy needs to get familiar with an artist before generalizing by giving such ludicrous appraisal.. Shame on you James..

    1. KW says:

      I have been a fan of Adams since I first saw his audition on idol. When he first said I can sang I believed him and boy did he ever. He didn’t lose this idol fan, and I don’t think he ever will. Love Adam and all his sounds, That is what made me want to watch idol that season, because you never knew what he was going to do. He could sing every genre of music and make it sound better. Adam always sang on key and had a great stage presence. He is my rock god!!! James hasn’t listened to his live CD or he would have never said anything about him not doing rock.

      1. ccj says:

        Aspegers is not a free pass to hurtful and misguided comments. If JD could back up his opinion with “facts” he might have a chance of having an honest opinion. Cocky doesn’t cut it in the industry. Many more talented singers have come and gone than James. BTW if he didn’t want to be compared to Adam why pick “Change” to sing at his last audition? ‘Nuff said!

  102. KW says:

    Bad thing about this interview, is James wasn’t even asked anything about Adam. He just had to get a dig at him. Lets play nice James.

  103. rikki says:

    James you are an arrogant jerk! Get over yourself. Are you in love with Adam cause you certainly mention him alot. You are still comparing yourself to him! Let it go dude cause I can assure you, unless he is directly asked, you would not be a thought in his mind. Stop trying to ride his coatails. He will leave you for dead everytime. James : humble, humble, humble…Get yourself a bit of that!!!

  104. Andree says:

    JD’s comments are going to come back and bite him in the butt, lol!!! It never pays for someone to bash another person in their particular field, just looks naaasty!!!!

  105. sam says:

    James couldn’t be a pop star if he wanted to.

  106. Pam says:

    Sounds to me like James is quite bitter and a whole lot jealous. Adam Lambert’s Idol performances ranged from slow and heartfelt, to disco, to pop, to rock, and everything in between. In addition, he Never said he would do exclusively rock music, but would mix rock with pop, and has Always said his favorite music is pop.

  107. Rico says:

    Who the heck are these Adam Durbin and James Lambert dudes?

  108. Dan says:

    Im a James Durbin fan and he really should stop talking about Adam Lambert. This is what I think he should have said: “Maybe Adam not doing a rock album was a blessing in disguise because then it gives someone like me a chance to make one “.

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