Katy Perry – The New Queen Of Pop

I started to talk about this last night on the air and on our Facebook page, now I’m going to tell you exactly why, I believe Katy Perry is truly the new Queen Of Pop.

[photogallerylink id=45254 align=left]Ok, here is the reason.  [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Katy Perry[/lastfm] has notched her 5th #1 song of her “Teenage Dream” album.  Nobody has done that in 19 years!  The 5 songs that made it to #1 have been California Gurls, Teenage Dream, Firework, E.T., and Last Friday Night (TGIF).

That makes 5 #1 songs off of one album on the Billboard Pop Charts.  It also makes Katy’s album the first in the more than 15 year history of Billboard’s Adult Top 40 chart to have that many #1 singles.

Now, Last Friday Night (TGIF) is hanging at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles chart.  If that song makes it to #1, it would be only the 2nd album to mark that milestone since 1987 when [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Michael Jackson[/lastfm] did it with, “Bad.”

[lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Justin Timberlake[/lastfm] & [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Lady Gaga[/lastfm] had held the record at 4 singles making it to #1 off of one album, until Katy Perry came along.

In my opinion, that makes Katy, your new Queen of Pop.


One Comment

  1. their not even her songs.. in my opinion.. if u dont write it.. their not ur songs.. and she sucks.. just my opinion though 🙂

    1. VODnCRAN says:

      ,I love gaga’s music. i really get into it on the dance floor. like verified monster said, that she writes her own music, which is truely a talent there !!! can’t wait for a new cd. my fav song is judas. have a great evening !! i agree with u lol

      1. Zack Williams says:

        Katy Perry does write her own music. She co-wrote every song on the “Teenage Dream” album.

      2. im not a huge gaga fan but i like a few songs but i think that katy perry will go farther than gaga
        it is my opinion, that is what i think so question what i said if YOU dont like it

  2. STARgazer says:

    i agree with verified monster … gaga writes her own stuff … plus i think gaga’s gettin a bum rap … cause her songs BORN THIS WAY and JUDAS are no longer played on the station … but are played on all the ot her stations … can ya answer me that one zack ? ” and avid listener”

    1. Zack Williams says:

      Born This Way & Judas aren’t played on the station anymore because there is no demand for those songs. They were huge hits at the time they were released because they were Gaga. Over the time they were played, our audience made us aware they didn’t want to hear them anymore. The label also moved fast after Judas was released because it wasn’t a huge hit. Within 2 weeks, they started pushing “Edge Of Glory” which is doing very well, and we continue to play. Oh, and Katy had a part in writing every song on Teenage Dream, so that argument doesn’t hold up.

    2. @STARgazer
      they r played on other stations but were talking about the station 100.7 not 99.7 or102.5 or any other station

      1. STARgazer says:

        colby i know they are played on other stations … i asked alot of my friends who live in other states if judas n born this way were pulled from their stations n all said no they were still bein played … i was just sayin why they weren’t bein played here

  3. anthony2011 says:

    gaga rules lol, yes and why aren’t gaga’s born this way and judas not played on the station anymore? i was wondering that for some time now peace out monsters

  4. VODnCRAN says:

    ,I love gaga’s music. i really get into it on the dance floor. like verified monster said, that she writes her own music, which is truely a talent there !!! can’t wait for a new cd. my fav song is judas. have a great evening !!

    1. Zack Williams says:

      I have nothing against Gaga, I love Gaga, SUPER TALENTED, but when you factor in sales, radio play, and MASS audience appeal, Katy Perry is tops. Gaga has become polarizing. The people that loved her and her first album, have kind of bailed on her and her crazy outfits and performance. To say that is ridiculous is very true, because she has talent, but maybe it’s time to stop with the gimmicks and let the talent shine. As I said above, Katy had a part in writing every song on “Teenage Dream” so that argument doesn’t hold up. Props to Gaga, Britney, Rihanna, and all the rest, but right now, Katy is on top.

  5. TokioBride666 says:

    i feel that lady gaga is the queen of pop because she writes her own songs so they have more meaning and katy perry i just dont care about because she lost me as a fan in 2008 when she sang tokio hotel is gay so yea and lady gaga she doesnt judge while katy does clearly.
    LADY GAGA <333

    1. i have heard the songand seen the music vid for tokio hotel and i dont see katy perry in it at all so im not sure wat u were talking about

  6. sum1 says:

    Katy only got there at number one because of the rappers that decided to join here. Lemme start from the beginning:

    California Gurls got that much not only because of Katy, but partially because of Snoop Dogg. I can almost guarantee you, at least one-fifths of the people bought it because they like Snoop Dogg’s part. Basically, Dogg’s fans want to support him, so they bought California Gurls. It was the combined sales of both Katy and Snoop Dogg’s fanbase that helped her get to number one.

    E.T.’s pretty much the same. Nobody liked Kanye West’s part. However, his fanbase must’ve done something to support Kanye’s part, right?

    LFN’s 69 cent sale and the remix was just too dumb. They might as well just took a sign, wrote “WE ARE FREAKIN DESPERATE” and taped it to Katy’s head. I don’t think I need to explain this.

    Lastly, we have TOTGA. 69 cents sale and remix with B.O.B. It WAS sitting at 9. The spot that it deserved.

    Call Katy “Queen Of Pop” all you want, but she will be remembered as the “Queen who was desperate enough to cheat” in the history of music. Her talent is not enough to break MJ’s record, so she simply combines forces with other rappers, to break his record. Real smart, Katy. Real smart.

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