Charlie Sheen’s Funeral

How do you get rid of that pesky character “Charlie” on the sitcom “Two And A Half Men” after you’ve canned the actor’s behind for very bad behavior? You kill him of course. The plot of the season premiere of the new and improved Ashton Kutcher infused version of this long running show is slowing revealing itself. And what we are learning is, the producers of the show might be sending a strong “up-yours” message to Mr. Sheen by laying him out literally in this opening episode. 

[photogallerylink id=46025 align=left]We are then introduced to Ashton Kutcher after Jon Cryer puts the Malibu mansion up for sale, and various celebrity guest stars show up for a look-see. Ashton is the lucky buyer, and for some reason assumes a mortgage and one and a half men, still living inside, in the process.

RIP Charlie Harper. And may Ashton Kutcher’s character not come to us dead on arrival when the new season premieres on Monday, September 19th.


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