You think the Jersey Shore phenomenon is over?  You’re absolutely wrong.  Last night, the show premiered it’s “Italy” season on MTV to the highest ratings for a season premiere, ever!

The episode last night wasn’t the highest rated of all time, that came back in January when the show had 8.9 million viewers.  Last night’s premiere however, was the highest rated season premiere for the show, with 8.8 million viewers.

Let me put that in context for you.  CBS has a big summer hit with Big Brother, that show had just 7.3 million viewers for last night’s eviction, Jersey Shore had 8.8 million.

Jersey Shore’s premiere ratings were up 4% over the premiere of season 3, earlier this year.

Are you still enjoying the guilty-fist-pumping-pleasure?

I know I am.  By the way, Sitch & Snooki?!  What?!


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