Our friends in Chicago have a prime spot in Grant Park and are covering Lollapalooza all weekend long–check back early and often for show reviews, tons of photos, backstage interviews, and exclusive live sessions.

[pullquote quote=”It took us twenty years to get to Lollapalooza. Tonight four men’s dreams come true.” credit=”Chris Martin”]It had been a decade since [lastfm]Coldplay[/lastfm] wowed many of us, leaving no doubt that this band was on its way to super-rock-stardom. At Lollapalooza Friday night, the band and the capacity crowd seized, and savored, the moment and made it a night to remember.

“God Put a Smile Upon Your Face” was among the earlier-era songs in the Lolla set, and it’s dreamy melody, dazzling guitar riff, and all-out playing sparked the concert to the first of many peaks. Colorful swirls of lights and lasers pulled the crowd deeper into the show.

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A loose, affable, striking Martin whirled and swayed and jumped from piano to electric guitar to acoustic guitar and back again while the band unfurled one great song after another. Most were so well-known that concertgoers sang along, and, in the case of “Viva La Vida,” kept the chorus going well after the band had finished.

In a quiet moment, seated at the piano, Martin’s few melancholy bars of “Rehab” served as a tender tribute to fallen soul rocker Amy Winehouse, as well as the intro to “Fix You.”

Songs from the forthcoming album were thrilling, too, including the joyous “Every Teardrop is a Waterfall,” which, along with a final blast of fireworks, came as the exclamation point to an extraordinary show.

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