Just days after a Muslim Extremist called for the death of David Letterman, Craig Ferguson’s show received mail with a white powdery substance.

Just a few days ago, a supposed Muslim Extremist called for the death of the Late Show host, David Letterman on a website frequented by al-Qaeda members.

Yesterday, somebody sent a suspicious white powder to the Late Late Show host, Craig Ferguson.  It turned out to be harmless, with Craig saying it was corn starch on last night’s show.  The police are still investigating the incident, saying that they suspect the package came from somewhere in Europe.

Craig was recently in France taping episodes of the Late Late Show, that just aired at the beginning of the month.  Craigy Ferg also said that he said it’s in response to his new hairstyle that a lot of people are not fans of.

Craig also took to Twitter to talk about the incident, saying, “Ack! Someone mailed my show white powder & claimed it was anthrax.  I’m not a big fan of that sort of thing. #thanks FBI & LAPD & LAFD & CBS security.”

Thankfully everything is ok, nobody makes me laugh at night like Craig Ferguson!



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