[lastfm link_type=””]Lady GaGa [/lastfm]has never denied her love for her family.  She speaks wonderfully about her Mom and Dad and the support they give her and have given her.  Now, there is another member of the Germonatta family that is super important to her.  Her baby sister Natali is also SO supportive of her big sister and speaks out about it in the latest edition of Teen Vogue.

Have you ever seen a picture of Natali Germonatta?

You can read all about it HERE and see the picture of the sisters hugging.

Natali is a graduating HS senior and is in a fashion school.   The 19 year old tells Teen Vogue that she raids her sisters closet and there are things in there that she would NEVER wear!

Natali also says that she wanted her sister to go ALL out and wear something crazy for her recent graduation.  She wanted the WOW factor, because Natali said that is what her sister is about.  Why wear something calm and conservative when that really isn’t what she is about.

Here is GaGa’s new video for You & I.


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