Well, MTV is releasing President Barack Obama’s real feelings on his meeting with Mother Monster herself,[lastfm link_type=””] Lady Gaga.[/lastfm]  He addressed it recently at the Human Rights Campaign gala in D.C.  Did you hear what he said about her?

[lastfm link_type=””]Lady GaGa [/lastfm]is an activist for bullying and wants to institute some type of law against it.  So, she went to hear him speak recently last month and a Silicon Valley fundraising event and really didnt’ have a whole lot of one on one time with the President, but did meet him.

President Obama said that she was SUPER intimidating with her 16 inch heels and he was shocked she was 8 feet tall.  He laughed telling ABC NEWS in D.C. this.  He laughed as he addressed the question about meeting her.

GaGa did pose a question to him late last month and Obama said he was appreciative and thanked her for her very good question. 

The “It Gets Better” campaign is very important to Lady GaGa and President Obama.

Maybe GaGa is intimidating enough to help our young youth and get the point across to our leader.  We shall see!

  1. Michelle says:

    Love her!!!!

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