Rapper[lastfm link_type=””] Flava Flav [/lastfm]probably has NO problem remembering to “fall back” this weekend since he usually wears a HUGE clock around his neck.

Well, I have a story that I can laugh about now (10 years later) on how Daylight Savings Time could have messed up a really important memory in my life.

So, I was married in 2001 during the SAME weekend of Daylight Savings Time and “falling” back an hour.

Needless to say..it was going to occur the night before we left for our honeymoon.  We really weren’t too concerned about it until we checked into the hotel the night of the wedding.

I won’t tell you the hotel, but will just say it was near the airport!  Ha!

We made sure the people behind the desk knew that we were to leave on our very special honeymoon the NEXT day and had a super super early flight.  We were concerned that the hotel would get us out of there on time and to the airport so we would NOT miss the flight due to the time change.

THREE people..yes THREE..including the overnight manager made sure we were to get a wake up call, gave us an extra alarm clock (how nice) and said they would give us a wake up at two different times to make sure we were awake and ready to go!

My new husband and I got into the hotel room and before any of the obligatory events took place (ahem..) we made sure we set our alarms and even our old school cell phones that really didn’t have all the accomadations they do now for alarm set ups.

What do you think happened?

Not one wake up call.  The alarm that the hotel gave us did NOT go off.

It was us.  Our instincts that made us get up.  We were a bit late and frantic and as we were leaving the hotel we totally made them well aware of how disappointed we were and that if we missed our flight to our honeymoon we would blame them!

I think that was pretty much what I was yelling.

Well, we made the flight.  Safe flight.  Got to our honeymoon destination and found out the beaches were closed due to the tail end of hurrican season.


Not to worry!  Life is good.  It could have been WAY worse!

I’m sure we all have a “fall” back daylight savings time story or two right?


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