Happy Thanksgiving Jason Segal & SNL Style

With Jason Segal”s MUPPET movie hitting the theater this week, who better to host Saturday Night Live this past weekend for his first ever debut! Well, this has to be ONE of the funniest, yet gross SNL skits I have ever seen.  Paul Rudd makes a guest appearance.

Oh yea.  Wait for it.  5 minutes of this video will have you open mouthed.  LITERALLY.

Does your family celebrate Thanksgiving this way?  Help me.

Okay..are you ready to be SO grossed out, yet laugh out loud at your desk or wherever you are?  I was at my desk when I saw this today because I missed it Saturday night.

I went to see Breaking Dawn Saturday.  It made near 140 million dollars this opening weekend.  Will the Muppets do the same?

I wanted to stay up for Jason hosting on SNL, but fell asleep.  Loser.  THIS was hilarious..

Check it out here!


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