I realize I may be in the minority as a female when I admit that I don’t do Black Friday shopping and NEVER have!  Will I ever?  I guess I can’t answer that because I don’t know the answer to that.

There are some reasons that are obvious to me and my characteristics of why I don’t do it.  Are you with me?  One of them involves singer [lastfm link_type=””]Rebecca Black.[/lastfm]  Yep.

Okay..here are my reasons why I don’t do Black Friday shopping.

1.  If I have off that day (I actually do this year) I like sleep way better than an amazing deal on a TV.

2.  I have young kids and would rather spend the time home with them than shop all day especially since I have off.

3.  I’m the WORST shopper on amazing deals.  I can’t tell sometimes what is a deal, what is cheaper, what is worth it.  I don’t have the “eye” like some shoppers do.

4.  If someone pushes or shoves me in a crowd I may shove and punch back.  That could get ugly.

5.  I don’t like being in a big crowded department store shopping for ONE item that 900 other people want also.  That can’t end well.

6.  If there is an amazing item that is SUPER on sale that may be an amazing deal for my kids or myself

7.  I don’t feel like fighting traffic.  I do it daily, why add another extra day.

8.  I got married.  Yep.  So, what does that have to do with it?  Well, my man’s tradition is to decorate for Christmas on Black Friday.  So, that monopolizes most of the day..especially if you have kiddos…they get into EVERY bin and so does my dog sometimes!

9.  This deserves another number and another mention.  I’m seriously afraid I’d get into a fight with another woman.  I’m not a fighter.  Never been.  But, emotions are high that day..people are determined.  Tired.  They want their hot ticket items.  I realize as a woman how this can affect you.  We become nuts.  Sometimes.  Ahem.

Last reason is because of THIS Rebecca Black commercial.  ANNOYS ME!


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