Bengal’s Pac Man Jones Almost Arrested On The Field After The Game?

Of course today the Steeler’s pounded the Bengals by a score of 35- 7 today at Heinz Field.  As you know at the end of every game I am down on the field for post game fun.  Well today I hung out and here is what went down.

As Pac Man Jones is going off the field at the end of the game through the away teams tunnel, a group of fans threw some dollar bills in the air on top of him to “make it rain”.
Pac Man must not have liked it too much because he came back down the ramp screaming and yelling at whoever would listen and let’s just say his use of the english language was NOT NICE!  Well, one of the people he chose to speak to this was was a Police officer.    The police officer told him he better get back up that ramp, but Pac Man did not relent.  In fact he continued his profanity laced tirade, causing the police officer to take a step back.  That is when other Bengals players came down the ramp with cooler heads to take Mr. Pac Man back up the ramp!

Doesn’t matter…..Steelers still swept the Bengals this season.

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One Comment

  1. JOHN says:

    Still can’t beat the Ravens!!!!!!!!! GO RAVENS…RAPISTS WILL NEVER SUCCEED!

    1. Frank Russo says:

      But murderers will?…check the overall record and …say the last 12 or so,then get back to me!

  2. Robert says:

    I was tempted to come to this page after seeing it spammed all over twitter in a matter of minutes from one person.

    So some stiller fans bully an opposing teams player, the player gets heated, the cop stops the visiting player from going back onto the field while they are trying to clear it, and all of this is a non issue.

    1. username17 says:

      Yep, a few STEELERS fans decided to act like typical RAVENS and BENGALS fans just to see what if feels like to lack class.

  3. Ben Dover says:

    Do your same “classy” fans throw half-dressed coed dolls at Big Ben when he comes of the field?

    They are supporting a rapist after all…

    1. Frank says:

      Do your ravens fans throw guns at Ray Lewis when he is coming off the field?…after all they are supporting a murderer…who got away with it

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