So, I’m laid up and sick this weekend and I decided to check out twitter.  I see that a few topics were trending.  Everyone was re-tweeting and tweeting about [lastfm link_type=””]Nick Cannon'[/lastfm]s “If I Die Young” song.

So, I realize that it isn’t HIS song.  It is  The [lastfm link_type=””]Band Perry’s [/lastfm]song. Well, Nick remixed it.

I like it.  I like both artists and I do usually like remixes.  You can be the judge for yourself.

So, a lot of folks either LOVE or HATE [lastfm link_type=””]The Band Perry’s[/lastfm] song.  Some may not understand the true meaning of the groups lyrics.  Or, maybe it is just too “in your face” with the honest lyrics.

If you love it, you may not like that it has been remixed by [lastfm link_type=””]Nick Cannon.[/lastfm]

Listen and you be the judge.  Listen to the very ending when Nick shout outs to a lot of the people that passed away that were close to Nick.


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