Fairy-Tale Royal Wedding Trumps The Kardashians Fiascos For Social Event Of Year

Despite the Kardashians best efforts; from Kim’s wedding and divorce (only 72 days apart) to Barbara Walters, “You don’t have any talent” comment, to recent claims that the family are involved in a sweatshop and child labor scandal, nothing the Kardashians concocted this year could trump [photogallerylink id=47843 align=left]the fairy-tale wedding and social event of the year, the Royal wedding of Prince William & Catherine Middleton.

Though the royals aren’t exactly living a “real” life either, they did display a wonderful youthful warmth and charm that captured the imagination of the world on April 29th. [photogallerylink id=33547 align=right]And for the first time in quite a while, the royal family looked some-what “functional”. Please enjoy these photos of the surreal lives of the America’s as-close-as-we-get royals, the Kardashians and the real thing from England, Prince William and Catherine.


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  1. Luke says:

    well, duh.

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