How To Steel-Bow Video Tutorial From Bubba

By now everyone knows what Tebowing is.  We figured that Tim Tebow does not have the market cornered on prayer.  We think the Steelers Nation can get our prayer on as well. So, we decided to introduce our version of Tebowing…..called Steel-Bowing. OUR direct connection for the Steelers Nation to get their prayer on!

Here is the prayer Bubba that read while Steel-bowing, just in case you want it!

O God, we beg Thee in Thy ineffable wisdom
To decide who you like better, Tebow or your Steelers Nation
Please let both teams play on Sunday without any inuries
Especially protect your Tebow from the onlsaught that will be upon him
When James Harrison, Lamarr Woodley and Troy Polamalu bring the onslaught,
And hit Timmy like he has never been hit before…please protect him…
He’s gonna need it
And may your mighty hand come down and deflect any passes he may get off prior to that
And we beg Thee, o Lord, may you bring speedy health and recovery to
Big Ben’s and Pouncey’s ankle, Woodley’s hammy…and the rest of the list that is too long to read
O Lord we ask you this day to channel the skill of Franco Harris to the body of Isaac Redman
The speed of Mike Wallace to Mike Wallace….never mind….thanks for hooking us up for that one
And the strengthy of Jerome Bettis to that Clay guy
We thank Thee O Lord for listening to our pleas in advance
And giving the Broncos fans the strength to fight through their post game tears
In the name of the Rooney’s Art, Dan and the other one

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