I always get in trouble for over-hyping stories.  BUT…I knew when this actually happened to me last week, that there was NO WAY that I could OVER hype this story.  In face…I knew Shelley would freak out when she heard it!!

Here is the story and the video ENJOY:

Comments (3)
  1. Kim Rehak says:

    OH My GOd, I loved the story of Bubba and the spider up his nose. I was telling everyone. How gross and disgusting but funny. I have always heard that spiders can go into peoples mouths (if open) and up their nose while sleeping but never believed it. What a cool story but I never want it to happen to me!

  2. Jenn Petree says:

    I was totally creeped out Bubba! Had goose bumps for like 5 min. after hearing this. Definetly a story to remember! And here’s a little creepy fact – but it’s said that a person swallows about 10 spiders in a year while sleeping!!! Yikes!

    Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Sherry says:

    When spiders are scared they bite. That spider must have been scared out of its wits. Hahaha, did you ever get that itch up your nose that you just can’t get to?

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