As you  may know by now, JR has left 100.7 Star this past Friday.    J.R. is a class act and we are excited for him in his future.  We are also very excited about our future at 100.7  Star.  In case you missed J.R.’s farewell speech, here it is for everyone that missed it.

J.R.’s Farewell speech from Friday:

I was in a big meeting yesterday.  At the end of the meeting, let me tell you guys something, and this is not bad news., its just news I want to update eveybody on.  My contract had expired and we were talking about what we were going to do into the future. We both;  management team and I have both agreed to not renew my contract going forward.

Obviously I wanted to say thank you to everybody for the last 14 years of my life I spent waking up Pittsburgh. I’ve had a blast doing it.
That’s why I am here.
I wanted to say Thank You to all the listeners.

I am excited about it, just the possiblity. I started thinking about it. I’ve seen two Super Bowl victory Parades. I’ve seen a Stanley Cup Parade and God willing, if it works right, Bubba and I will be going to a World Series game in the future.

I’ve made a ton of friends in the last decade and a half.

And to my friends number one, I want you to support these guys here Bubba and Shelley on everything they do at 100.7 Star. Wake up with these guys. You’ll still have fun.

To Scott, Mel, Zack and the gang, keep up the great work at 100.7 Star.

And to the management team of Mark Anderson and Michael Young, don’t lose my number (laugh)

It’s not really Good Bye, it’s see you later for a little while.

I count these two people as friends and I really, really hope you guys continue to support them and we will see you down the road!

Comments (21)
  1. Bonnie Loya says:

    So sorry to see J.R. leave, Bubba and Shelley, you both will have my support listening to you every morning. Good luck J.R.

  2. christine willard says:

    i am so sad to hear that JR is leaving, i loved listening to him in the morning, not compleyely sure i will keep listening, i will try it out for a while though. JR will be missed

  3. See ya later JR.

    Sorry to see you go. I really enjoyed listening to you Shelly and Bubba. And the banter with you and Bubba was always fun. 🙂 Thank you for the laughs. Hope to hear you again in the future.

  4. Heather Browne says:

    I am very upset that Jr will no longer be with the morning show… He really was a class act and I actually had tears that morning listening to his speech. I am not sure if I will continue to listen. The only other reason will be to hear Bubba. But I think star 100.7 was very foolish to let him go. We will miss you.

  5. Bonnie Jacquel says:

    I missed JR’s speech on Friday–really hate to see him go. The three personalities were a perfect balance. Now Bubba is calling it “the Bubba Show”. As much as I like Shelley, Melanie Taylor is a carbon copy. JR was the perfect sidekick with Shelley being the referee. I wasn’t impressed when I woke Tuesday morning. I like to laugh first thing in the morning and it isn’t the same without the “straight man” to Bubba’s idiot. Now it is just two “sweetheart sisters” and the idiot. Boring. Will probably try to find a station who doesn’t try to fix something that isn’t broken.

  6. Kelly Hogben says:

    Loved listening to JR, sad he has left. Undecided about my feelings toward the ‘Bubba Show’, dont beleive that he should have the spotlight and keep Shelly in the dark. Big Thumbs down.

  7. Judy says:

    I am sad that JR’s contract was not renewed. JR really made the show. I am with the rest of the people that say maybe we’ll listen or just go someplace else. It is not the BUBBA show it is the star morning show and that is how it should be. If JR’s contract was not renewed because of management then shame on you. You messed up a good thing. However if JR desided it was time to move on…well shame on you too because you are a beloved morning show person, however I want to wish you good luck in your future endeavors what ever they may be.

    1. Donna says:

      I agree — it should not be called the “bubba” show — it should still be the star morning show

  8. Stephanie Sutton says:

    I wasn’t able to catch the show on Friday so I missed the announcement. It wasn’t until Monday that I noticed he was gone. I do not like the combination of Bubba, Shelly and Melanie. I didn’t like it when Melanie was on the morning show a few years back. I stopped listening to your station. I suppose I will be back to listening to another station. What a disappointment. JR, Bubba and Shelly made my hour long ride into work entertaining. JR, I wish you well and hope things work out well for you. You will be missed every morning.

  9. DeeDee says:

    Bad move, 100.7! You once again messed with a great recipe for success. I will miss JR – he was the perfect “foil” to both Bubba and Shelly. And now the big ego gets the show named after him – good luck with that. I’ll be tuning in elsewhere trying to find JR on another show. For the last few days I’ve tried to stick with 100.7 but it’s not happening anymore. And Bubba is now more obnoxious than ever.

    Thanks, JR, for a great run – Pittsburgh morning people will miss you!

  10. Jeanne says:

    What a huge disappointment, I wake up to 100.7 every morning and immediately noticed the lack of entertainment value without J.R. and REALLY, “the bubba show” just ridiculous. Shelley & Melanie do not contribute enough to make the show entertaining anymore. The “bits” I’ve heard this week have been truly stupid and that’s saying something considering that much of what Bubba does is stupid on a regular basis. Not sure what your decision was based on but I feel that you haveuined my enjoyable wake-up, starting to surf the channels for new wake-up program

  11. I was SO sad to hear this! We’ll miss you so much J.R.

  12. Jeanine says:

    I love Melanie as an addition. I agree with others that it shouldn’t be called the Bubba show. It seems that he is the only one who matters. Bub, Shel, Mel show sounds better to me. Give the women the credit they deserve.

  13. ena charles says:

    i was not aware that JR was off the show until this Friday, I thought he was on vacation, i have been waking up to the Star morning show for the past ten years with JR on the show, if management made this decision then it was not a good one Jr was an important part of the show and the show will never be the same without him, he would be sadly missed. i wish him good luck and best wishes, i really loved listening to JR and I will be looking for another radio station to wake up to. thank you JR for the past ten years.


  14. Tammy says:

    I caught the end of JR’s speech last week. I was shocked and very disappointed. I thought the show was great the way it was. I listened in my car on my way to work and turned the radio on as soon as I got to the office. The show always made me laugh, it was enjoyable to listen to. I have been listening to the Bubba Show (don’t like the name at all) The show is not even close to being in the same class as it was with JR, Bubba & Shelly together, they complimented each other. They were a great mix. It was a big mistake to let JR leave the show!! I have even forgot to turn my radio on in the morning at work, the show isn’t fun like it used to be.
    I wish JR the best!!! You are greatly missed!

  15. Amy says:

    For years I have tolerated Bubba in exchange for the music that was played on the stations he worked for… While I have always enjoyed listening to Shelley, it is not enough. I will be moving on.

    1. Kim says:

      And now the music isn’t even that good and neither is the variety. I tolerated the morning show for the pure simple fact of getting to listen to JR harass Bubba with logic while suffering through a playlist that is repeated, day after day and hour after hour (seriously, I can hear the same song at 7 am and then at 3 when I get out of work). I too am in search of a new morning show as this new one bores me. I MISS JR!!!!!!!!

  16. Marcie says:

    BIG MISTAKE! I have been listening to the show for years and can hear how the show has already changed without JR and I don’t care for the show now. JR WAS THE SHOW, Bubba NEEDS TO GO NOW. I will return when JR returns or when Bubba moves on. Very Bad call by management, clearly they are no in tune with the listeners!

  17. Pat Luterman says:

    I loved listening to Bubba, JR & Shelley each morning on my drive to work. What a great trio. I’m sorry, but Mel Taylor does NOTHING to help the show. Management made a mistake in breaking up the trio and unfortunately I will be station surfing in hopes of finding a morning show close to what I had.

  18. Rhonda says:

    I DO NOT like the Bubba show, it was so much better with JR. A big mistake was made not renewing his contract.

  19. me says:

    The reason I lIstened to the mornIng show was to hear Bubba and J.R. because Shelley Is annoyIng and MelanIe trIes way to hard . I never lIked her show by herself because she Is lIke a PInk stalker and her voIce SUCKS for radIo. Please drop those two or If not put them on another tIme slot,and fInd Bubba a co-host someone actually wants to lIsten to.

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