Bubba Show: I Took Your Teeth Song

Don’t know if you heard the story about a series of car break-ins in Bridgeville but if you didn’t here’s the quick version.  A thief was smashing windows to gain access to the vehicles and then was stealing stuff from inside.  One woman had her false teeth stolen right out of her car!!!!!! So of course we had to write a song about it.  You gotta hear this!


One Comment

  1. I love my song, it is hilarious. Thank you for giving me a good laugh out of what was not a fun situation. A generous benefactor called to say he wants to replace my lost teeth. So it is all good.. So for the record, THEY TOOK MY TEETH!

    1. Shelley says:

      Kathy you are such a great sport and obviously a very positive person! I’m so glad someone is helping you replace your teeth. Seriously, what moron takes teeth? Be listening Monday morning…your interview and the song will be airing! Thanks Kathy!

  2. Jonathan Freed says:

    Great song. Glad to hear there are still good people out there

  3. Bubba says:

    And now my impression of Shelley Duffy……Kathy Thank you so much. You are so awesome, we are so thankful for who you are and what you do. We love you with or without your teeth. You are great, thank you so much. Thanks again for being here and for allowing me to thank you . Thank you for listening to me thank you and we buy gold!

  4. Laura Mankowski says:

    Love it! Hi Kathy!

  5. Hey guys, It’ Kathy. My new teeth are amazing. Was wondering if you guys could send me a copy of the hit song to keep as something funny I can share with my grandkids one day. I don’t have an ipod/ipad, so I cannot get it from there. This would be great, but if you can’t, I understand. Doesn’t hurt to ask. I still laugh everytime I hear it.

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