Katherine Heigl star of Grey’s Anatomy and the new movie One For The Money was all over the news yesterday dissing the TV show Dance Mom’s!  She talked about how inappropriate the show is and how abusive Abby Lee and The Dance Mom’s are.

Dance Mom Christi did not even know about it, so we told her and she responded!

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  1. Three blind mice says:

    Funny how Katherine Heigl’s opinion that little girls should not be exploited by their very own mothers is trashed by Melanie, Shelly and Ego Maniac Bubba. Maybe those so called dance moms could help clean up dead mice. Ohhhh, how I miss the days when Kate Harris was on. No attitudes, no vulgar mouths, no egos, no controversial remarks, no “Oh my God” every two minutes….what has happened to my former favorite radio show? It’s time for me to make a change after 15 years or so.

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