EXCLUSIVE: Private Investigator Report For Thursday Of Suspected Cheating Husband.


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  1. Wendy says:

    Please! A week is not enough time to investagation this men.

  2. Jared says:

    No matter the outcome they should call their relationship off. When you have such little trust in your loved one that you require a P.I to stalk your husband, then you will never trust him enough to have a healthy relationship. Regardless if he was cheating or not. No amount of proof will ease this woman’s mind enough to ever trust him again. We don’t even have the full story. Maybe their intimacy has fallen because of issues with the Wife. This could lead the man to stop seeking intimacy from her completely, leading her to feel he is getting it someplace else. Whether he is cheating on her or not could just be a symptom of an already broken marriage. If all he is doing is hiding his smoking then he must feel that there is a reason to hide it, maybe the Wife is very controlling and stressful and smoking is his outlet, but her finding out he smokes could just lead to even more arguing and stress at home.

  3. me963 says:

    I think the husband is having an affair with someone at work and I think this marriage is going to be over number one she had her husband followed by a private investigator that will always be in there marraige, but I really do something is going on with her husband. I feel sorry for her! I think it should go on the investigation longer. I can’t get enough of it!

  4. Ginny says:

    I feel he is doing 3somes or more somes. The women that he has met with seem to be meeting then they disappear. His showering has to do with getting the smell and perfume off his body. The smoking is stress. He feels that his wife would never go for an open marriage and would never think of asking her. Divorce is in the air. He is lying about more than just his commitment to quit smoking, he is lying about his commitment to his wife.

  5. kim says:

    Hello Bubba and Shelley, I think what the wife is thinking about doing is right. She needs to confront him tonight without him know how she knows. Some how form the questions in a way that he will have no choice but to confess. And when he does, ask if he is willing to stop and go to couseling for a sex problem that he may have and for marriage couseling. If he is not willing to stop and thinks it is fine to do what he is doing then she should not leave but get an attorney and she needs to go to couseling for herself and move on. But she shouldn’t leave the home because that is her home too.

  6. Liz says:

    I’m not at all surprised with the 3 some arrangement. So many men have this fantasy. I have been approached multiple times to participate in a fmf or mfm combination. I do give the husband some credit for approaching his wife first with his interest. Wife needs to have herself tested NOW for STD’s. If she chooses to stay in the marriage she need to be prepared for this to happen again and again. He will not and should not deny his own sexual needs or desires. I wish them both luck –

  7. toni says:

    Is it possible this is drug related and not an affair?

  8. Stephanie says:

    So he is in a “new” job and is able to leave the office like that for that long? I don’t think he is going to tell the truth. I also believe that if he has wanted this style of life for quite some time, he isn’t going to change, even with counseling. She is also going to have to truly decide for herself if she is ever going to be able to forget. I know I couldn’t. Is she in a position that she could do the following herself and confront him?

  9. Theresa says:

    I know exactly how the “Wife” feels. I have been married for over 20 years and in the beginning of our marriage my husband did the same exact thing to me. I found out by accident what had happened. I confronted him and he said it has always been a fantasy of his to have a 3 some. He promised it would never happen again but about 8 yrs after that he did it again, we were in the middle of buying our 2nd home & had 2 children. We went to counceling then he decided to continue on his own to get the help he needed to make our marriage work. Well, here it is years later and he did it again. (He did it about a yr ago) I found out because he had left his email up. Almost a year later we are still living in the same house and trying to work things out. We are in counceling both together and separate. We have 3 children and want to do what is right not only by them but us. I still have a trust issue and if we do end up divorcing I think it would be hard for me to trust any man. He is trying to spend more time with me and to save our marriage. I check his cell phone and his email and have not seen any thing unusual. The woman he cheated on me with this last time moved out of state before I found out what had happened. The sad part is I knew this witch and helped her out numerous times, I learned my lesson. The other person involved with the 2 of them I did not know. But the witch I knew is lucky I found out after she moved or she would have been sorry. So many times this week I wanted to call, but didn’t because a lot of my friends listen to your station & I didn’t want them to recognize my voice on the radio. My advice to the “Wife” is to confront him and see if he is willing to get help. My husband also said that it was just sex and didn’t mean anything. I agree with the “Wife” when you say your wedding vows you are saying them to only that one person you truly love and plan on spending the rest of your life with. I would love to help her get through this. I know how she feels and what the road ahead is like.

  10. Kat says:

    My advice to Wife is to contact a lawyer right away. No amount of counseling is going to change him.

    My husband wanted to open up our marriage. He started bringing up swing clubs, we went a few times and ended up in a foursome. A year later, he showed interest in a married co-worker and asked my permission for them to have sex. He assured me that he wanted to be married to me for the rest of his life and it was just sex. Despite my fears, concerns, jealousy – I said ok. Long story short – they fell in love 2 months later. That was 3 years ago. I tried accepting her in his life and in mine – but after 21 years together, we are now getting a divorce. Wife – please save yourself many years of pain and get out of the marriage now. I wish I would have done it sooner. I feel your pain more than you know. Your husband wants what he wants and that isn’t going to change.

    I’ll be thinking about and praying for you!

  11. Lee says:

    I seriously do feel for her as I am going through a divorce have two boys and it’s not just the three of us going “through this” as I am awaiting trial in May its been along road traveled four years to be exact. You just never know I never in a million years would think this Id be faced with. I will never trust again. My soon to be x cheating husband did it with a woman at work who grew up in the same neighborhood as me and which I still do with my boys. And Bubba you know this place is something pretty special…. However it’s small and people talk and that’s how I found out. Other woman is twice divorced two kids two different dads and top it off my x hired her attorney. See you all in court. Not because of I fidelity because she is his boss and now live in lover and there’s just a little financial income discrepancy going on. Rather HUGE! And my suggestion is to this woman check everything out you possibly can I hope and will say a prayer you do not find out the things I have. And Yes PA is no a fault divorce however, of you can prove he was planning to leave with the help of a great attorney lets just say that’s a very good thing. I do not think she will find it in herself to trust him work things out but I truly hope I am wrong but my heart goes out to especialky to her and her family and friends.

  12. Sandy says:

    The private investigator seen him kiss the women comfortably on the lips before entering the hotel room. Doesn’t this prove this man has done this before with this couple? I think this also proves he was sexually active with this women. Why doesn’t the wife take a picture of her husband to the hotel and ask the clerk if the man is a regular there? I would check with the restaurant to see if he visits the restaurant regularly with other women. If she has a home computer, she should have this checked out too. He is placing the blame on her for embarrassing him. When in fact, he caused his own embarrassment. She seems like a wonderful women. She deserves a nice man who would want only her and noone else.

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