Last week we wrapped up the investigation on the suspected cheating husband, when he was seen going into a motel with a man and a woman. The wife was planning on confronting when he got home from work on Friday.  She agreed to go on the air and give us an update this morning.

Cheating Wife Update #1


Cheating Wife Update #2

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  1. April says:

    Leave him! Once a cheater always a cheater. Counseling only works for a while and then they do it again. She deserves so much better. God Bless her and Good Luck..

  2. Lin says:

    I disagree with what “April” said about “once a cheater, always a cheater,” I think that if the person/cheater is truly sorry and wants to change, then time, patience, and counseling can work. The relationship I am currently in shows that a cheater can change, but the motivation to do so must be internal.

    That being said, I heard the part where Wife said Husband turned this around and got angry about how it reflected upon him, and all I cound think of was “narcissist.” A textbook Narcissist values the way he (or she) is perceived/viewed over the (any) relationship. Bear in mind that to diagnose or label him as having NPD would require examination by a credentialed professional, but even doing that, you’d have to remember that a label or a diagnosis won’t make things all better. Sometimes, though, I think it can help to know what you’re up against.

  3. TLB says:

    I went through EXACTLY the same thing. My ex reacted the same way. He said the same things and was into the same things – looking for people on the web. He was buying swingers magazines and had even written out an ad that he was going to put in one about both of us. I knew nothing about it and was mortified. When he was caught BOTH TIMES, He SWORE that he was never physical but after we split for good this last time, all of these people started coming forward and telling me how he was trying to get them into bed. He was NOT the person I thought he was for 23 years. I too had to mourn what I THOUGHT I had. After a while, she too will realize that it was all a lie which is a hard pill to swallow. But she will be ok. It took me and my children a year before we started to find a new sense of norm. She will also find that, move on and find happiness. I feel so bad for her. I know EXACTLY how she feels and whats in front of her.

  4. me963 says:

    I feel sorry for this lady I don’t understand why she would even want him to touch her ever again! He was having sex with another couple! I would never put up with that. Why on earth does she think that’s all she deserves! It’s sad that she stil wants that man!

  5. J A says:

    The only mistake he is sorry for, or embarrassed about, is getting caught! She should run away from him like her hair is on fire. I understand it is extremely difficult for the wife to accept the reality of the situation, but he is a liar and a cheat, and a leopard doesn’t change its spots. Cut him loose, let him be someone else’s problem. Because, do you think she will ever really trust him again? Doubtful. She deserves better.

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