hines Hines Ward Retires As A Steeler:  Is he a Hall Of Famer?  Whatever!

Photo by Timothy A. Clary/Getty Images

Hines Ward: Hall Of Famer? Whatever!

If you make the short journey to from SWPA to Canton, OH where the Pro Football Hall Of Fame is every time a Steeler is enshrined, I’ll understand your feeling cheated out of a Big Party Weekend if Hines doesn’t get voted into the Hall.

Otherwise, it’s just not very important. Halls of fame are just not very important. There’s always somebody who’ll try to diminish the accomplishments of your Favourite Whatever. It’s on you whether you let it hurt your feelings.

Say for example, you’re a Beastie Boys fan. The Beasties are inductees into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame this time around and boring Rock Guys are already saying that because the Beasties are rappers, they don’t belong in the Hall. Chances are if you’re a Beastie Boys fan, you’ll say something like, “Over the last several years, the definition of rock n’ roll has evolved to include music acts that don’t necessarily use guitars.”

What difference does it make? If the boring Rock Guy opinion worked on the Rock Hall voters and the Beasties weren’t welcomed into the Rock Hall, would you instantly delete all their tracks from your music library, throw away all the merch of theirs you’ve bought, and denounce a music act you once loved as Not Good Enough?

Of course not.

So if the small group of fellas who decides who’s a Pro Football Hall Of Famer decides Hines doesn’t make the cut, will it make you value his time as a Steeler any less? It shouldn’t. Hines Ward was the Most Valuable Player in Super Bowl XL, he has 1000 catches as a Steeler, and throughout the first several years of his career, the team kept trying to demote him from the starting line-up only to watch receivers with the better pedigree such as Troy Edwards in 1999 underperform.

Hines took the lumps many rookies have to take playing special teams. He dished out lumps for lots of defensive players for most of his fourteen years here (type Hines Ward and Keith Rivers into a search engine and see which video comes up). His rough yet successful play typified what most of us who love the Steelers love to see the Steelers do. Leave the fighting over post-career honours to the insecure.


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