On Friday Drake released the highly anticipated video for “Take Care.” After numerous photo leaks and video teasers, the music video showcases black and white solo shots of Drake and Rihanna singing intensely to each other.

Directed by Yoann Lemoine, the music video pans slowly on each person as well as gives cinematic close-up shots of a bull, fish and majestic bird. Alongside a breathtaking view of a snow covered mountaintop, the song demonstrates Drake’s sensitive side as he holds Rihanna in a heated embrace.

During the track’s breakdown fire emerges on the mountain while spears pierce the bull and what seems like an avalanche or explosion has Drake flying in the air. With a tender kiss on Rihanna’s forehead, the viewer is left in the dust wondering what will happen next.

Lucky for Drake fans, what happened next was the release of a second music video. “HYFR” demonstrates Drake’s party side with a cameo from Lil Wayne. The video begins stating: “On October 24th 2011 Aubrey “Drake” Graham chose to get re-bar mitzvah’d as a re-commitment to the Jewish religion. The following is a clip displaying the events that took place.”

With footage of a young and adorable Drake from his childhood bar mitzvah, the video fast forwards to today with Drake standing outside of a synagogue.

At the song’s start Drake smoothly raps, “All my ex’s live in Texas like I’m George Strait,” cleverly name-dropping the country singer’s popular hit. Shortly after he’s shown reading from the Torah. Directed by Joseph Labisi, the video then pans to Drake cutting a cake that reads “Happy Re-Bar Matviah” with a photo of his face on it.

With all the party elements included, Drake paints the picture of one fun bar mitzvah. Even Lil Wayne seems to have a blast rapping along with a panda bear mask on before he takes it off to join everyone on the dance floor.

– Annie Reuter CBS Local


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