Jaromir Jagr from what we understand has mellowed in the 10 years since leaving the hockey city that he admittedly cut his teeth on.

We are told he is much more mature and much less self-centered than the Jags we came to know. He is even considered a good influence in the Flyers locker room.

So, why do we still dislike him so much? Because he’s turncoat? Because he was the kind of player that you love when he’s on your team and hate when he’s playing for anyone else? Especially when that anyone else is in the division, like Washington, New York and now Philadelphia?

When I met Jaromir Jagr for the first time shortly after he came to Pittsburgh to join the Penguins, I asked him to write a little note in Slovak and autograph it for my Slovakian father-in-law, Bill. I will never forget it, because Jaromir first, very proudly wrote it in English, which he was learning at the time. I had to remind him to write it in Czech or Slovak for my father-in-law. He did, and ever since he’s been alright in my book. Not alright enough that I want his Flyers to win the current playoff series with our Penguins, but still alright.

Do you still hate Jagr? If so, why? Did you ever have a personal experience with him? Let me know using the comments section below?


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