Demi Moore Is Back On Twitter As Ashton’s Wifey

Well, since January Demi has been off twitter.  The announcement of her and Ashton’s divorce and her public meltdown that lead her into rehab made her quit twitter for awhile. 

Well, as of April 16th Demi came back to twitter with her same twitter name @mrskutcher.  She simply put a picture of herself  lounging in a chair with the word “testing.”

Will she stay on as MrsKutcher or will she change her twitter handle soon for her 5 million followers?  I would probably change my name eventually.

We were talking here on BUBBA SHOW about how social media is part of our job.  We use facebook and twitter for show information for you and for contests and pictures and concert information.  It is a great way to interact with our 100.7  listeners.  But, the negative side for famous stars is just this..some want their lives private,  but they make it very open on twitter. 

Nicki Minaj left twitter Sunday for how long?  She was allegedly upset for leaked song tracks and she had 11 million follwers.  John Mayer, Demi Lovato when she entered rehab and even Miley Cyrus have all left twitter at one time or another. 

Chris Brown and Rihanna have had twitter issues.  Especially from even some of our 100.7 listeners who have tweeted Chris Brown how upset, mad and disappointed they are with him hurting Rihanna and even recently with him and her talking again on twitter.  How can they communicate after what he did to her is where some of our listeners stand on the topic.

To tweet or not to tweet.  That is the question.  I will be watching to see if Demi tweets more and even changes her name back on twitter.

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