The Governor of our amazing state of Pennsylvania is in a quandary.  He obviously is responsible for the Commonwealth and has to make the entire state happy!

What does he do when the Pittsubrgh Penguins take on Filthadelphia Flyers?  Our guess was that he would tap dance between the two and have some politically correct answer that would make both Pittsburgh AND Filthadelphia happy.

We were wrong!

Corbett appeared on Bubba Show today (April 20th) on 100.7 Star and was asked if he’s been watching the games. He said, “I have been watching the series when I’ve had the opportunity.”

Then the hard question. Forget politics. It’s all about the Playoffs. Bubba Show asked Gov. Corbett who he was rooting for in the series and he said, “When I moved to Pittsburgh as a little boy, 6 years old, I started rooting for the Pittsburgh Hornets, before the Penguins were in existence and I’ve been rooting for the Penguins ever since and you don’t change your decisions.”

Among the cheers of Bubba Show, the Governor was asked to confirmed that he was indeed rooting for the Penguins, he simply replied, “Absolutely.”

The Pens face the Flyers in Game 5 of the first round of the NHL Playoffs at Consol Energy Center. The Flyers lead the series, 3 games to 1.

Let’s Go Pens!


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