NEEDTOBREATHE Perform “Keep Your Eyes Open” In The Baierl Acura Theater

It’s not everyday you invite a band from Possum Kingdom, South Carolina to play your station’s performance studio.

What, you’re never heard of Possum Kingdom? You know, near Seneca, South Carolina?

Anyway, NEEDTOBREATHE was in town to play a show at Stage AE last week and dropped in to play a couple of songs in the early afternoon for some fans and 100.7 Star staff.

I couldn’t help myself when prior to introducing the band I asked lead singer Bear Rinehart (he was named after the acclaimed University of Alabama football coach Bear Bryant), if bears really do do (pun intended) a certain thing in the woods. Even though I’m certain he had never heard that one before (ya,  right?), he graciously answered, “yes”.

There, they passed the first test of tolerance from their new radio friend. In other words, I liked him at “yes”.

Because band members appeared to be somewhat quiet and reserved, it made you appreciate even more how well they expressed themselves through their music.

Watch this NEEDTOBREATHE ‘live’ performance of “Keep Your Eyes Open” in the 100.7 Star’s Baierl Acura Theater and tell me if you’re asking yourself the same question, why are these guys not rock stars yet?


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