Sunshine and boy bands and vampires, oh my! The Wanted unveiled their new video on MTV Tuesday night, the same day they debuted their self-titled American EP The Wanted Debut Chasing The Sun Video.

The guys did a live chat with MTV before the video premiered, and started it off by saying they had been up since 4:30AM. The Wanted have been in the midst of a whirlwind promotional tour of New York City for the past 3 days, appearing on the Today Show, The View, and visiting the top of the Empire State Building.

The “Chasing The Sun” video details their exploits across Los Angeles in one crazy night. They meet and seduce five beautiful ladies, find their way into an illicit party and end up as a feast for a group of female vampires. They run around all night until dawn comes and shows the viewer that, according to vampire folklore, the guys weren’t changed — just used for a feeding.

Their new EP is available to stream and share on the band’s website.

-Courtney E. Smith, CBS Local


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