Tony Lucca from The Voice called into Bubba Show today to talk all about his recent rise to fame on the NBC singing contest.

Adam Levine is a judge on the show and Tony is one of his singers on his team. Tony has made it each week, round after round, voting after voting as one of Adam’s favorites and the voters favorites.

“There’s nothing quite like that,” said Lucca. “It really feels great to know you’ve got that kind of support in your corner so to speak.”

Tony also has a tie to one of our former local singers, Christina Aguilera. Christina, who spent some time living in Wexford, and Tony were on the Mickey Mouse Club together.

Lucca says his past with Christina is both an advantage and disadvantage, “I thought it certainly might make for some decent tv should we get reacquainted and there be some type of legitimate heartfelt genuine reconnection and that was pretty much what happened on the Super Bowl episode.”

“And I thought that was where the story would end. She mentioned me again, our friendship, in the battle round which may have seemed like impropriety to some but it was, again, more genuine, legitimate support from her, ” he said. “But then when she kinda came out finally in the live round, it seemed like she had been holding her tongue as long as possible and had some things she wanted to get off her chest. It kind of became the gift that kept on giving. Wow, you know, now I’ve gotta deal with this.”

Also, with them Lucca and Aguilera on the Mickey Mouse Club, was Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears. When asked if he’d go on stage with Christina, Britney and Justin, he said “For sure, that would be a serious honor and probably a lot of fun assuming it was done for all the right reasons.”

Bubba then asks Tony to do a huge favor for the Adam Levine obsessed Melanie Taylor. What is it? You have to listen to find out.


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