Ok.  I do love John Mayer.  Although I don’t know everything I’d like to know about him.   Do you?  Check out these 10 Fast Facts about Mayer.

1.  Loves To Write About Past Loves

We know John has dated a lot of beautiful women like Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Love Hewitt but his latest single Shadow Days is about Jennifer Aniston.  Seems he loved her a lot and this song was his farewell to her.  Sniff, sniff……

2.  Age Doesn’t Matter

Mayer’s parents are 19 years apart in age.  His father Richard is 82 and his mother Margaret is only 63.  But they divorced last year.  Kinda funny that they waited so long, don’t you think?

3.  He’s Afraid He’s Going To Lose It

Apparently,  John has a serious fear of going insane.  Growing up,m John had a series of panic attacks which developed into a fear of becoming mentally insane.  He continues to take Xanax for the phobia.

4.  A Guy Can Change His Mind Too You Know

John has changed his reason for staying in the music industry…He’s admitted he’s accomplishing every goal that he had set out with, and has now decided that his rational for staying in the industry is to confuse people and prove them wrong! (Seriously?)  Kinda funny..

5.  He Wears Many Hats…And Guitars

Mayer has collaborated on the design of at least six guitars and two amplifiers.  He has also made T-shirts, guitar totes, and loves designing sneakers.

6.  He Does Not Embarrass Easily

Even if he does love Miley Cyrus.  He says “The Climb” is one of the best pop songs and he’s even met Miley and gone to her concert.

7.  School Wasn’t His Thing

Once he discovered his love for guitar, Mayer began to have big problems with school.  After getting sent to the Dean’s office, he explained that he wasn’t purposely being rude to the teachers and faculty.  He was frustrated that he shouldn’t be in school, but rather playing guitar.

8.  He’s Multi Instrumental

He loves his guitar but did you also know he played clarinet, flute and play violin? Now you do…..

9. Gotta Love His Quotes

Mayer has said, “I love you all so much. We really need to come up with a new name of ‘fans’.  How about really good friends who can’t come over my house.”  Love that…..

10.  Back To The Future…Literally

John started playing guitar at the age of 13.   It was after seeing the movie, ‘Back to the Future’ and was inspired by Micheal J. Fox’s guitar performance and that’s when he started taking guitar lessons and started renting his first guitar.  Now look where he is!

Mayer is talented beyond belief.  He wrote his Grammy award winning song ‘Daughters’…..in the shower!  There’s a visual…..


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