How much can one contestant take with constant harsh comments from a judge?  Tony Lucca is now in the final four on the NBC hit show The Voice and Adam Levine is his coach.  Former friend and Mouseketeer pal Christina Aguilera, who is also a judge, has been a bit critical of Tony. 

We talked about it on Bubba Show a bit last week.  Listen here.

Well, he spoke out to People magazine about how it is enough now.  He is saying that he feels now she is just trying to flat out get rid of him on the show.  Where is the love?  Where is the support?  She’s called him one dimensional, said his voice wasn’t the best on the show, said he’s getting votes only as a popularity contest and much more.  Read about it here.

I’ve felt the dissing from Aguilera from day one.  So, now I know it isn’t me just making this tension up in my head.  I feel that if Christina is harboring some ill will towards Tony, she should put it behind her.  Maybe Tony isn’t the BEST singer on the show, but let America decide that.  Her opinions of him seem harsh.  Let’s see what the outcome is the next few weeks.



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