Ok Wiz.  We know you like weed.  But there are probably some other things we don’t know about you.  Check out these 10 fast facts.

1.  His birthplace isn’t where you think.

Wiz is known as a Pittsburgher but he was actually born in North Dakota to a dad who was in the military.  He moved to Germany, England, and Japan before settling in the ‘burgh.

2.  He had a childhood love of tats.

Sometimes you just know about something.  His mom took him to get his first tattoo at age 16 but even before that he says he had an “artistic vision for his skin.”   He says he knew he wanted to be covered from the time he was very young.

3.  Not your typical Mom and Dad.

Wiz started smoking at a young age and he remembers his first time.  He says he got really stoned and was younger than he should’ve been.  He said his dad didn’t like it but his mom didn’t care.  After a while, they saw it wasn’t affecting anything.  He says he was still productive!

4.  What?  That’s not his real name?

No. Wiz Khalifa is NOT his real name.  It’s actually Cameron Jibril Thomaz.  He was called “the wiz” was a nickname growing up because he was such a “wiz” at everything he attempted.

5.  Also knew THIS early on.

He was just 8 years old when he decided he wanted to become a rapper.   He’s been officially doing it since he was 15.

6.  Drink of choice?

Is Bombay Sapphire gin.  Oh, and have we mentioned he likes to smoke weed?

7.  Are you part of the Taylor Gang?

“Taylor Gang or die” is the motto of Wiz’s crew Taylor Gang, which, depending on which story you believe, was either named after Khalifa’s Taylor Allderdice High School or the Chuck Taylor shoes he wears.

8.  Mom loves Amber.

Wiz introduced his fiance, Amber Rose to his mom in January at a Steelers game.  He says they, “really, really dig each other.  Amber is a sweetheart and my mom, everybody who meets her loves her anyway.  So it was really tight.”

9.  Hot, hot, hot.

He came in first in poll on MTVNews.com as the “hottest breakthrough MC of 2010” beating out other newcomers such as Nicki Minaj.

10.  Ok.  Shocker.

Wiz Khalifa likes to smoke weed.  Just sayin.

In case you haven’t heard, Wiz was picked up for possession of marijuana..AGAIN….in North Carolina Tuesday night. This is the second time this year that Khalifa has been busted for pot.  On April 21st, the rapper was hit with a citation in Nashville after police searched his hotel room and found his stash.  He received a citation for Tuesday’s incident as well.


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