Kristen Wiig Does Tanning Mom Parody On SNL

So, the New Jersey Mom that is headline news lately is now a parody for Saturday Night Live.  Patricia Krentcil is the “tanning mom” who looks like she has tanned since birth!  Plus, she is being accused of letting her five year old daughter tan.  She is denying those allegations.

Well, leave it to Kristen Wiig of SNL to parody her on the Weekend Update with Seth Meyers.  Did you see it?  Check it out here!

The tanning Mom has even been quoted saying bad things about tan pregant Mom of the Jersey Shore Snooki.  Snooki’s rebuttal is this..”She is crazy!”  Read all about that here.

In other SNL news, rumors are swirling today that Lorne Michaels was upset along with other cast members that musical guest Rihanna, decided to NOT show up for the dress rehearsal run through.  No one has ever really not shown up.  Her excuse was that she wasn’t feeling well.  When she did show up hours later, the staff felt she looked fine.  Hmmm?

Eli Manning was the host.



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