Last Friday, we were answering our phones and on the request line is a woman named Whitney.

Whitney told us she has been hiding 60 grand in credit card debt from her husband on Monday. She also said her husband new NOTHING about it and that she even “took out some credit cards in his name without him knowing.”  We asked her if she wanted help and if she was willing to break the news to her husband on air. She agreed.

When her husband found out on air with the notion it was a segment called “What is your secret?” he was clearly and obviously upset. Although, he said he loved her very much, but was truly disappointed. He said he was shocked that she went on the radio with personal business like this, so he had a secret of his own to come clean with.

Today, hubby Keith, dropped his bombshell LIVE on air to his wife.

He said “Whitney I have a secret. It involves this coming July and you, us and your birthday.”

He then preceded to tell Whitney after he dropped the huge secret, “Whitney, this is your debt..and after what I just told you, you need to find a way to deal with it.”  Did you miss it?  Listen to what it was here.


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