Newly retired Steeler Chris Hoke and long time teammate of Ben Roethlisberger called it, “Ben being Ben” this morning on the “Fan Morning Show” on our brother station 93.7 The Fan. He was referring to Ben’s critical comments about the new offense being installed by new offensive coordinator Todd Haley. Click here to hear Hokey’s comments.

Ben has a history of pointing out his unknown injuries after tough loses, leading some to suggest it is his way of saying, “not my fault, I was hurt”. Some are also suggesting that these critical comments made to Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and 93.7 The Fan about the new offensive are Ben’s way of deflecting the blame that may come with a new offense that sputters a bit this upcoming season.

Hey, I think we all would have similar frustrations about learning something new at work, especially when one of your best friends, in this case Bruce Arians, is removed as your boss. Sharing that frustration with your spouse or family is understandable. Sharing it with the media and ultimately with the fans is not so understandable. And hey Ben, didn’t you just receive a college diploma?


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